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  • jessicasellwitch jessicasellwitch Jun 12, 2013 9:08 PM Flag

    Flush out coming

    Whatever happens with this merger, the current Office Max executive team needs to be flushed out of the new company. They are so disconnected from sales and what it takes to sell that they must go. Too bad they spent all their time at HQ blowing smoke up each others shorts and pushing out one stupid initiative after another.

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    • Yo (_o_)!!! Take your uninformed bashing elsewhere... OMX, compared to ODP and its BOD, is regarded as in way better shape and direction by the industry standards. So you shorts have had your fun since the ex-dividend date. Cover now, coz from here its just going to be FTC approval of the merger, and share exchange at @ $13.65 for OMX shares. Or, keep shorting - lady's choice...

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      • Hardly uninformed. I worked there for several year before leaving in disgust for greener pastures but still have some stock in my retirement portfolio that I would like to do better. I keep hearing how the stock is undervalued after the Lehman notes were taken off the books, but every time it moves up, a bad year end or quarterly results report pulls it back down. So I'm just coming from a different perspective than a pure investor who is looking at the company through the window. I can tell you that the executive management team at Office Max if chock full of useless #$%$ hats that are doing nothing to improve the stock position and in some cases, making decisions that hold it down.