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  • suzeorwoman suzeorwoman Jul 24, 2013 4:26 PM Flag

    Lawsuits are always filed

    It is standard practice for any buyout/merger for the wall street ambulance chaser lawyers to file lawsuits on behalf of the shareholders. No one asked them to, they just jump on the band wagon to get a percentage if it goes to court or there is any kind of settlement if it fails. They are D-Bags.

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    • Fair enough. I guess OMX will go down slightly and ODP will go up slightly until the merger.

      I still think Office Depot are the book manipulators past and current (check out their "goodwill", but do you feel "good" about them?)

      If they prevent the merger without going to court, I doubt the lawyers will collect much.
      1800-934-2921 if you want to ask them yourself what they are doing and why and what they stand to gain.