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  • debbydevory debbydevory Jun 17, 2011 4:06 PM Flag

    Merkel Made Bad Move

    "Major energy consuming countries are still moving forward with nuclear power, putting pressure on uranium supplies while potentially leaving Germany behind."

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    • Yes, seems it was an all political statement.
      Interesting to me is that the estimated cost will be nearly 1 trillion dollars to German tax payers.
      And that taxes & tariffs will most likely be raised on the German people to put in the coal & solar.
      And that the time line & plan is considered by professionals to be very aggresive to even attempt to be completed in 10 years. And yet it has not even been started.
      They have not even picked out what neighborhoods will get the coal plants or what scenic areas will get the wind turbines.

      Most likely , IMHO , Germany will not raise taxes or tariffs on there on people or build the coal & wind turbines at a cost of 1 trillon dollars, but will instead pay astronomical energy cost to buy nuclear energy from France. And by there own decision no longer be anywhere near self sufficient energy wise and will be paying the highest energy cost in Europe.
      IMHO, Germany shifting their reliance onto other contries may be putting the worlds 4th largest economy in peril of insufficient energy supply to meet their ever increasing industrial needs.
      Making Germany almost totally dependent on Russia & France to power there industrial economy. IMHO, perhaps even making Germany politically subservient to the wants of Russia & France, less there energy be cut off.
      Interestingly enough similar cost estimates of nearly 1 trillion dollars would be needed for Japan to replace there remaining 54 nuclear reactors ,which supply electricity & heat for 1 out of every 3 homes & businesses in Japan.