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  • dablldoya02 dablldoya02 Jan 17, 2004 2:27 PM Flag

    This Company Blows

    The Philadelphia, PA location is the same. My Company had a party in the Philadelphia store and I can tell you we will not be back.

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    • I visit the numerous Southern California D&B's and find them clean,fun and great service. The food is also better than most casual restaurants.I also happened to have visited the Philidelphia D&B's over the holidays and found the same conditions there. My in-laws absolutely loved the place. Those guys know what they are doing..IMHO

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      • I am happy to hear that you had a good experience at D&B's. I think D&B's has a great concept. My company had a party at D&B's and our experience was not the same as yours and when we made are complaints and we got no response. I just know the company that I work for if we got a complaint we would respond. Maybe D&B's does not need the money I know the company I work for does because we are told we need to keep the business we have now and get more business. In the year 2002 we had revenue of $1.7 Billion and we would never think of ignoring a customer even if they spent only $15,000 on a party because that is $15,000 we do not want to lose the next year. I would have to disagree with you when you said "Those guys know what they are doing"

      • After recently visiting the Atlanta location, I immediately came to this chat board to investigate possible shorting opportunities. I am generally a very bullish-only investor, but the combination of lousy food, creepy clientele, and substandard service left me thinking that Dave & Busters has or will soon be having major difficulties.

        The comments about the California operations are encouraging, but I am wondering about D&B's business model - specifically the revenue breakdown by category: vid games/food/alcohol.

        The food was really, really lame. The beers were pricey, but the games were fun. Does anyone happen to know what the breakdown is?