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    • ddd

    • not done

    • Don't you think it's time to look past this
      temporary operations glitch and move on. It's old news.
      Look at post numbers 1726 and 1727 that were written
      two weeks before the company announcement on 8/27.
      Time to look forward. I'm glad to see that both Dave
      and Buster have picked up 20,000 more shares each
      since that time. It's always good to see insiders
      buying. If they're keeping secrets, then why are they
      buying? It's because the stock is extremely

      As for the company repurchase of shares, there is no
      mention that the stock will be retired. They may sell the
      stock later in the open market after the price has
      risen, which it will, to fund the expansion of new

      In a day or two, we should get the number of short
      sales outstanding. Personally, I think this will be a
      key number. There were 500k shares shorted before the
      earnings announcement. We'll see how much actual selling
      was done and how much short selling was done. All the
      shorts will have to cover at some point.

    • Just a thought.This stock could start moving up
      but unless there is some compelling news or unless
      some analyst is really ready to come out strong could
      be stuck in a range ...I suspect value funds will
      start accumulating.Growth fund managers will probally
      take a wait and see attitude.Any one can love this
      stock but you have to admit it was an ugly performer
      this quarter.Therefore many managers will avoid for
      now as they don't want to be caught holding a
      percieved loser when the 3rd quarter ends.If you read Mr
      Couch Potatoe's last post to me about once burn't twice
      shy the same can be said about fund managers.It will
      be interesting to see which funds are holding this
      puppy at the end of the third quarter.I have to admit
      this stock is much more interesting to me than several
      days ago I may nibble soon.Good luck!

    • warm my heart about this stock.

      I don't
      believe for a minute that it happened, but if it did . .
      . . Yeah, their lawyers would never let them
      breathe a word of it unless they were willing to air
      their dirty laundry in court . . . . But once they
      cleaned up the mess, earnings and growth would be right
      back to where they were 3 weeks ago.

      Talk about
      a happy ending -- that would be quicker to fix than
      salaries, operational expenses, and depreciation. Those
      could take several months.


    • I can see it now .....Dave and Buster's The True
      Story! Alright hold on here.I'm not saying you guys and
      gals with the conspiracy theories are wrong ...heck if
      I know.....but I personally expect something a
      little less sinnister. The report was dissapointing in
      what it didn't say but I really expected as much. I
      personally think management is a little inexperienced in
      dealing with bad news and rather than candidly address
      the issues they got caught talking out both sides of
      their mouths.Hopefully they will learn and issue a
      candid statement and put speculation to rest. Double
      talk will kill you on Wall Street everey time.

    • and found business was doing well. The dinning
      room was full, the bar was 3/4 full but there were not
      many folks playing the games. Between seven and eight
      ten people were going in for every three who

      I talked to a number of employees to try to
      determine what had happened. It appears there are a number
      of new employees. Could not determine if these were
      replacements for cause or not. Management has to level with
      the world on what exactly happened. The employees do
      not seem to want to talk about it. There seems to be
      an increase in the number and location of security

      From the cagey answers I received and the
      negative body language, I lean toward sticky fingers and
      not just at this location. If managemnet is reading
      this they have to respond with the truth because
      rumors will only build and reasons in the absence of
      facts will only get wilder as time goes on. If criminal
      activity is involve only swift and sure punishment will
      end it.

      I believe in Saudi Arabian


    • Hurry

    • Average down today, very happy with

      Opinions are like asshole, everyones got one, but your
      reaks something fierce. Must be cause your talking out
      of your BUTT!
      Average now 12.375.
      I'M gonna be
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