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Dave & Buster's, Inc. (DAB) Message Board

  • oldguy8 oldguy8 Jul 13, 1999 3:31 PM Flag

    Advice please....

    I am a new DAB shareholder and would like to know
    even more about
    what it is like to visit a Dave and
    Busters outlet. Can someone
    please explain what the
    menu is like, and what types of games are being played
    there. I read the Investor's Business Daily article, but
    would like to hear from someone who has been there.
    Also, any plans for new stores opening in Northern
    California? Thanks

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    • .... what you want to post on this board, but this board is for information on anything related to D&B. We're not here to have a grammr lesson, so lay off the grammar critisim.

    • .... correct grammar next time.

      "you should have went" is incorrect.
      the correct phrase be "you should have gone."

      peace out. peace in.

    • short an internet stock, or at least, something
      you know about. To compare Planet Hollywood to D&B's
      proves how stupid you are.
      D&B's is equivalent to the
      Gap when they had 20 locations. You knew they would
      have much more.

    • Dear tommy are so sure of yourself going
      against all the rest of long dab followers..i admire you
      for you're tenacity..i agree dave and buster's will
      surely hit into the low 20's, because of a market
      downturn or after a couple of the meantime try
      to lose some of your hostility and go to a dave and
      buster's relax and enjoy..the best to you

    • Any whispers out there on DAB's EPS for quarter just ended. Expected is $0.28.

    • Those 750 share stock purchases were only
      symbolic. They were the first two trades of DAB on the
      NYSE. I do still believe that DAB is undervalued and
      will see further stock price gains this year as Austin
      and Providence open up. Just don't base it on these
      particular insider purchases!

    • If you will check DAB's insider trading on Yahoo,
      you will note that amid the latest exercise of
      options by company officers, that both founders bought
      750 shares each at $28. Although immaterial, it
      almost seems like a statement by each that they are
      confident in the company's future earnings and expect the
      stock price to go up from here.

      I hope they are

    • on the Novl board as well, same their, just a
      loser with multiple names, Would not be surprised if
      Die_Novl, Bgates4everzz
      and a few other aare all this
      one loser who cant afford to buy a share of a penny

    • You obviuosly have never been to Dave & Busters,
      you are clueless.

      Other Giants? Planet
      Hollywood is close to bankruptcy.

      You are really
      stupid, I laugh at you, you are an amateur.

      shows how longterm your memory is, you could remember
      songs with one word in the lyrics.

    • other board. Your boring us here, and your lack
      of investment acumen proves itself every day. By the
      way how is your $300,000 faring with those woofers
      you invested in. Lets see....EFAX ...EGRP...ETEL, I
      can't remember them all, but I'm sure as hell glad I
      don't have my money in them. You must be taking a real
      licking on those names.

      You talk of overpriced
      stocks, why don't you take a look at your own portfolio.
      The street is finally waking up to the fact that
      internet stocks are overpriced. Looks to me like those are
      the stocks which are going ...down..down...down..

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