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  • bartender_Jack_McGee bartender_Jack_McGee Sep 1, 1999 5:56 PM Flag

    We'll see

    and is in Chapter 11. D&B's makes money. Simple
    enough. Who is the idiot? I listen to Opey and Anthony.

    D&B's stock did the SAME thing last year. Wise
    investors are buying here as they were last year.
    Do you buy and sell CBS in the winter and summer? Do
    you buy and sell Starbucks in winter and summer? Well
    I do. And I make a fortune doing it. This yr. I did
    it with D&B's. Now I got 3 stocks. OH yeh, forgot I
    also do it with Vail Resorts(MTN) its crazy how stupid
    people are. Especially money managers.
    I asked a
    landscaper and a mechanic, what they thought of D&B's, told
    them the stock fell 50%. They said well that figures I
    don't go there in the summer. NO SPORTS ON
    They said they were going to buy the stock. I said
    They said to make back what they are about to spend at
    D&B's(drinks and games) The stock is about to explode, once
    again to upside.