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  • stockman1955 stockman1955 Jul 4, 1998 8:22 PM Flag

    Is our Imposter on Vacation?

    I haven't seem any posts from our friend, the
    seriously-disgruntled Thermo-basher in almost a week. Apparently he and
    his 30 or more "aliases" are on vacation together
    this week. I'll bet they all share the same cottage at
    the lake every year. It must be especially
    disappointing to "them", since Thermo had a great week, hitting
    $36 again, and closing above $35.

    For those
    who missed my previous post, the imposters
    tatu222, chaaya, ajooba, vbbenedict, romeo553, chriswilo7,
    benw1828, tao19, buddha501, kasei26, chuckietwo, dankaro,
    bigsham, sfossett, jeanholz, jarrius, edsabird, uis45,
    duff30329, jah_1st, henckbel, allfluff, turlesingsz,
    otma1918, jimtil, habu_1973, romeo591.

    These are all
    one and the same person...and posts by any of them
    should be skipped, as they are nothing but a lot of hot
    wind and very little substance. It is clear that this
    is a person who once worked for (and was canned by)
    Mr. John Wood, probably for very good reason. Anyone
    who attempts to impersonate 30 different people
    obviously has very poor character, little self-control, and
    likes to waste other people's time. I won't even
    comment on his spelling skills. Perhaps Mr. Wood prefers
    people with a little bit of class on his

    I hope you had a nice vacation, Mr. Imposter.
    Welcome back, and excuse us while we enjoy the ride back
    to $40 and new highs by the end of this


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    • I sure don't want to encourage him, but last week
      he made an appearance on the THI board, asking
      everybody to read a January post I had made, and saying how
      ridiculous it was. Another of his aliases congratulated him,
      and a couple messages dissed him.

      The THI
      board was _awfully_ slow before, and believe it or not,
      benefitted from the exchange. I was flattered to receive the
      attention and welcomed the opportunity to calmly tell more
      about the NAIC method for evaluating THI.

      suppose real soon he'll close out his short position, or
      else realize how precious little effect this board has
      on TMO's stock price!

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