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  • ampegasus ampegasus Oct 16, 2013 11:29 AM Flag

    Washington..."We need more debt to pay our debt"

    What a way to deal with too much debt, pass a bill to allow more debt.

    what a joke

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    • Everyone is doing it. US is actually not in too bad a position relatively among the largest nations. China has a much higher debt ratio than US.

    • Notice nobody ever talks about actually paying off the debt, just paying the interest on it. Like making the minimum payment on your credit card account. The generation who benefitted from the money should be the ones to pay it back. Not their children and grand children. Politicians kiss seniors #$%$ because they always vote. My neighbor who is a senior citizen always #$%$ about money. Next thing you know he is telling me about all the 10 thousand dollar vacations he took back in the 70's, including many to Vegas, Hawaii and Europe each several times, all first class. So he #$%$ away 100 grand or more back then which could be a million or more today. Don't blame me because you chose to #$%$ away all that money. I think there are millions like him. I'm supposed to pay your debts now because you were an idiot with your $$.

    • The great Obama will double the debt of this government during his stay in office. The young who voted for this clown will rue the day they cast their vote. They will bear the burden of supporting this debt. I feel for them. Obama also left us with few jobs over the last eight years.

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    • Joke is an understatement. They're all old, thick-headed, and very over paid. It's absolutely rediculous, irresponsible and pathetic.

    • Not to worry, our generation will never have to pay that debt, we're leaving the debt as an inheritance for our children and grandchildren. Selfish and immoral; you betcha! But right now we have the power and votes to dip our hands into their money, so why not take advantage?

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