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  • greglnewman greglnewman Dec 31, 2010 12:36 PM Flag

    Q4 rev growth expectations

    Happy Holidays to all y'all (you all)

    Wanted to run this by the board.

    If we made revenues in Q3 of $4.77MM, it seems likely we could reach or breach $5.00MM for Q4. Certainly not a long shot. If the company nails $5MM, that would be 5.0/4.169 = growth of 19.93% Q4 over prior Q4.

    I have to run, but didn't Jim say we should be expecting a new annual record for this year? The current annual revenue record is 2007's $18.36MM. Could someone tally up the 3 quarters so far and see what we would have to bring in to reach $18.36MM? I believe that figure would have to be OVER $5.0MM by some few hundred thousand. Could someone check it out?

    If so, are you guys expecting them to produce $5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 million for Q4 or what? I guess I'll make my guess later. Gotta go.

    Happy New Year ladies and gents, lassies and laddies

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    • Agreed! At its current quarterly growth rates, we’re looking at record revenue for 2010 and 2011.

    • Hmm, widely popular post; so many replies. And at New Year's; imagine that!

      Just kidding. I'm not offended NOBODY answered. You know me, nobody answers me, I'll answer myself.

      That said and blue sky laws read, the conf will now begin:

      The three quarters so far this year 2011, last year I mean, total I took and we need roughly $5.3 million to TIE the current record of $18.360 million annual revenue.

      I did a quarter over last year's quarter division for percentage growth that would give them:

      If they tie the record, then $5.3MM / $4.169MM = 27% growth.

      If they top it by 200K, then $5.5MM / $4.169MM = 31% growth.

      I can see I have been either lazy or too busy to keep proper records of what every quarter has done year over year ... wait, I think I might have those in my key statistics copies. I need a secretary or a girl Friday like Bogey so I can tell her to do it; I want this list, that list ... stat!

      Anyway, I don't know, usually trying to get 20% growth has been what I recall, on core revenue, has been typical. To see 27% or better I hope to be a turning point, new trend, all like that.

      So I'm pulling for us for a good year, and I mean, both Q4 year ending 2010 and all of 2011. They have a solid team, highly skilled and coordinated and self-aware (they are like the fingers of your hands when you put them together). We always like to compare to ATT or superstar billion-dollar company, but just think if one of us had to do this ourselves, put together such a group of experts and support staff into the growing snowball Globalscape is, it is easier to put what they've become into perspective.

      I hope you all have a great New Year. I am very thankful for the many and great blessings I have received this past year.

      Look for great things from CoreTrace, too. Their value continues to increase. The BOUNCER snowball is growing, too.

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