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  • greglnewman greglnewman Oct 26, 2012 1:29 AM Flag

    Tappin has a good article in their blog; also Q3, Q4 traffic metrics

    TappIn Blogged Three Ways They Beat the Competition in Document Access and Sharing. Date is the 24th Oct. A very good read with excellent points. I like to keep up with how they are telling the story getting the message out. Not every one do I share with friends, but I think this one is well-written enough, and persuasive enough, I shared it with my social network. You can find it through their homepage (tappin's), and just look for the blog at the bottom left when you scroll down. I changed the title a little in the first line above, but use the date or key words if you search for it.

    fwerjksje I hope you are doing well. I find for you that Globalscape has now added new countries to its website analysis results. That is, The Netherlands is showing up as their best rating worldwide. They are rated there around 6400. Slovenia is very good too and is like their number 3 fan country. South Africa also coming in strong. I know ESET has some big influence in Slovenia and Netherlands, that is, customer market is big. Not sure, maybe they account for S Africa as well moving up into top ten countries for Globalscape. Slovenia is one of the European countries near Czechoslavia (Slovakia and Czech Republic), and Austria-Hungary area. Very near ESET HQ. That is why I say they are the likely reason. Whoever it is, something is bringing people from that area to globalscape's site.

    The 4th quarter looks good traffic wise to their main site. Search results from the new SEO appears to be raising those metrics to all time highs. Regarding tappin, I am pulling for them to make that $3 million in Sales by end of Q4. My guesstimate so far for Q4 is they are having a strong quarter from the metrics I am viewing. God bless our company and stock with great excitement in the days ahead. That's for you.

    Investing should be exciting, at least in some good way exciting, and ours looks ready to get that way with the news we'll be seeing this 4th quarter Oct-Dec. Not sure what my read is on Q3 cept what I said the other day on better sales and ebitda to sales ratio. We had some good traffic metrics in Q3 but sometimes it's off and on with them and the result is the best quarter, so tricky a little. Jim's comment this last news release go big mentioned is how I felt for Sept & Oct metrics. I like that word, significant. I continue to check metrics daily. Countries, search referrals, what's visited, top cities. In Den Haag Netherlands Globalscape is a top 1,000 website. Netherlanders were huge in the founding of America you know.

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    • Guess who. Eset.

      Presence in more than 180 countries worldwide


      700 employees worldwide


      524% growth over the past 5 years


      Protecting over 100 million users

      Picking up a lot of strong traffic to globalscape from new countries and these are now Globalscape's Top Ten and Top Twenty Countries by Rank in these countries.

      The rank per country is a direct indicator of a company's popularity in each particular country.

      Globalscape's Rank in New Areas:
      (Remember, there are tens of millions of websites, so if you are in the Top 10,000 for any country, that's success all caps.)

      Kuwait: 4200th place
      Slovenia: 4500th place
      Netherlands: 7000th place
      S. Africa: 13,000th place
      Saudi Arabia: 17,000th place
      United Kingdom: 20,000th place
      Mexico: 14,000 - 22,000th place
      Brazil: 30,000th place
      USA: 33,000th place

      ESET on Facebook:
      ESETSlovenija 13,452 likes
      ESET.SA (S Africa) 10,478 likes
      EsetBrasil 2,835 likes
      esetenuruguay 305 likes
      ESETLA (L Am) 57,351 likes
      esetindia 65,229 likes
      ESETTurkiye 22,779 likes
      ESETNOD32Russia 256,574 likes

      These above countries have appeared much stronger this Summer in analysis of Globalscape's website. Not only much stronger, some have never been on the list of Top Twenty Countries of Globalscape's. Slovenia, Brazil, Mexico (L Am), Uruguay which was #1 or #2 recently. Netherlands is another. When I do this analysis on the eset main site, The Netherlands comes up in 7th place for them and is one of the top 1,800 websites there. Kuwait, #1 this week on Globalscape's analysis is also 1,800th place for eset. This could get very, very interesting as appShield comes out, if as I suggest it also is marketed by eset. I believe this line of reasoning makes sense, as I suggested in an earlier post here on the board. The glove fits; just like the (TappIn) shoe, as they say.

      I'm gonna say it again that this looks promising to be the result of Globalscape's new partner with TappIn.

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      • More for the speculator or reasoner among you to get excited about....

        I said in the previous post, "This could get very, very interesting as appShield comes out, if as I suggest it also is marketed by eset. I believe this line of reasoning makes sense, as I suggested in an earlier post here on the board." Read the context, please, for fuller understanding what I meant. My thought today is, As much as I really love TappIn software, as I've made completely plain to see, however well it is doing, I had this thought about appShield ...

        It is even more likely that when a partner who sells the number one antivirus in the world also sells your appShield whitelisting solution, which is a complementary antivirus solution to theirs, when you consider how appShield locks the gate and bolts the door for customers' computers/servers/systems, the question is not who will also buy appShield that buys their antivirus, but ... who will NOT.

        It is a feasible possibility that EVERYone who buys their antivirus product will also choose to buy appShield. I have assessed my own heart on this, what I would do, putting myself in the shoes of customers of every type, and no matter which scenario I consider myself in, if I am buying their antivirus, and am offered knowledge of the complementary solution appShield and a chance to add that to the order, I want to have that on my order, too. The question for the companies to decide, in my humble opinion, is simply what will be the asking price for appShield to these customers.

        When you consider your analysis of appShield's effect on the company, it must include this possibility. Globalscape is in a position to make a good offer on the product to customers to facilitate the growth and market of AS. They have the right Sales & Marketing professionals in place and the right partner in ESET to make this happen. I am confident in both partners.

        Spend some time yourself and consider if you were a buyer of their Smart Security 5 would you want the complement of it in AS. Put yourself in the shoes of all the different types of customers buying their NOD32 antivirus and the suite and ask that question.

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