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  • griff_5454 griff_5454 Oct 29, 2012 6:48 PM Flag

    Remember - no big profits until least Q2 2013 becuase they are still working on Appshield and TappIn (Proffesional w/10G) just got released to test the waters so to speak. I do however like to see all that profit form Availl - great job guys! Best place to work but worst place to invest for the past 15 years.

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    • The (JULY announced ARMY) contract also includes two one-year options that if exercised could result in a total contract value of $4.4 million over the next three years going into July 2015, making it potentially the largest single contract win in our company’s history.

      In addition, we will deliver these support services with no additional headcount or significant OpEx. This will also contribute to our expectation of improved earnings in the second half of the year.

      So, they stated here they expect to have improved earnings this year, in the second half of the year. They've been saying that all year, to expect it, and that's a Aug statement, just a few months ago. Fairly up to date and the last word we have from them.

      Regarding Q4 sales especially from the holiday season, if they have a banner sales quarter going on, it might be required that they inform investors early on due to it being a material event. Perhaps a trading halt, guidance news release pending statement. Wouldn't that be cool. Trading halt. News pending. Then we get this release stating first thing we need to do is sit down somewhere. Sales have gone through the roof. Well, it could be. If TappIn earns their sales bonus for 2012, that would mean they had $3 million in sales, and that would be additional to what Globalscape core revs brought in. $6 - 7 million + Tappin's $3 million = $9-10 million. I would halt trading and release news on that. There is this potential. It is within reason that this could happen with TappIn. They certainly have the right partners to even exceed that figure. We should have it on our radar looking for it.

      I am finding strong action in Europe and I mean very strong. Expecting further strong action in interest as time rolls on and as appShield rolls in. We are now one of the most popular companies in certain places around the world. Top 1000 most popular. That's top thousand. It's consistent numbers I'm seeing. No fluke. It's happening. I'm suspecting Tappin is the cause, with key partners. But it could be the EFT Tappin module. In some major cities, the figure is so good I'm not gonna mention it because you can't believe they are that popular. It has to be retail consumers and TappIn, in my opinion.

      In a side note, the company appears to be using Homepipe name for marketing. Not sure. It's just coming up strong in analytics even over Tappin name in some things. it may come from the new SEO pros at the company using it for its value. Do what works. Draw the ones in that know that name and then rebrand them to the Tappin name.

      Looking for all this to improve as they meet with continued success and ramp it up.

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      • As of the August Q2 conference call, the new TappIn partnerships with ESET and Toshiba had just been announced the month before in July, so that did not pertain to Q2 numbers, nor was there enough time as of the call to discuss material benefit generated by the partners, since they had just started those relationships. They were seeing traction from Tappin and from the OEM relationships for what little time they have been started. I think that at least one of the partners had developed some traction for us this month, which is Q4, in a number of countries. It appears significant. CEO Jim Morris also showed they intend and work toward an end of Q4 release of appShield 1.0, which I stated I expected to be the last week of November, so same time period, the holiday sales season. "... assuming that everything goes according to ... our anticipated plan ... for beta testing of appShield, if in fact we get into market (at the) end of Q4, we may see some traction." Q4 is Oct, Nov & Dec, traditional fiscal year.

        He basically states that the Q3, Q4 ramp up will be coming from building their core business and adding the Tappin/appShield benefits on top of that, which I think we all knew. I wouldn't have answered any other way, even with today's hindsight of heavy traffic increases in major European population centers. Dramatic increases, actually.

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    • Hi Griff, where are you getting the Q2 2013 quote? I didn't find it in the last conference call transcript.

      From the last conference call in August 2012:

      Finally, I’m often asked about TappIn’s historical and future revenue contribution. As I mentioned on our last earnings call, we have acquired TappIn primarily for the technology and have built a plan under which TappIn revenue will grow during 2012 and ramp into future periods.

      TappIn revenue in the first two quarters was not material to our financial results. However, we will continue to grow the TappIn business and anticipate increasing revenue contribution in the second half of this year as we have previously discussed.

      As I stated in our press release today, our decreased earnings were anticipated with increased expenses resulting primarily from the integration of TappIn and its products into Globalscape. We believe this increase in expenses represent a prudent near-term investment, allowing us to extend our presence in the rapidly growing secure content mobility market. We regard mobility as potentially transformational to our business in future periods, and we expect revenue will increase year-over-year and that we will return to profitability and generate positive cash flow from our operations in the second half of this year.

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      • The holiday buying season will start at the end of November. From the timing of the betas, you could expect they are preparing and working toward launcing at that time. Beta 1 latter Aug, Beta 2 latter Sept, Beta 3 the final in latter Oct, the retail version latter Nov. One, two, three and voila. If they can do so, and with multi-billion dollar partners involved in the marketing and sales, it would be a very good holiday season for them. There's not a lot of logistics involved in selling software where you have to take a few quarters to get the 'vehicles' to the 'dealer lots'; they just link it up real quick on their websites. I do agree that their Q2 sales will be much stronger than previous quarters but that's because I expect growth to continue to ramp up with TappIn and appShield quarter after quarter here on out.

        I'm also remembering that they had, three months ago, signed partnerships they weren't telling us about, and in other negotiations with others than these. All on top of the announced partners QNAP, Toshiba and ESET.

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