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  • mushtelevarcom mushtelevarcom Jun 29, 1998 2:53 PM Flag

    Insider selling

    You want to see dramatic insider selling checkout
    MSFT with Paul Allen and Bill Gates selling millions
    of dollars every month. Nobody gets excited about
    that and probably same applies here.
    To sell 15%
    of ones holdings doesn't seem cause for alarm, IMO.
    Regards Rich

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    • Makes sense to me! I just hadn't heard anything
      on 2E and was hoping nothing bad was amiss. Way they
      keep NOT defining the outer limits of this reservoir
      impresses me,even if we have to wait a few years for the
      big bucks.

      Have Gun,Will Travel

    • I bailed out of sev at 24, because I thought that
      mdco was just too tempting at 18, and that sev needed
      to consolidate. Well, I was absolutely correct,
      except that mdco decided to consolidate big time

      Imo, anything to do with oil right now is "squirrely",
      because nobody feels confident about what is going to
      happen, with Asia, Opec, etc, so the real money is
      avoiding anything to do with oil, as though it had the

      The Triton deal is a good example of nervousness, and
      lack of conviction. I thought that it was supposed to
      be a "slam dunk-done deal", complete with a $10+ per
      share kicker, for anybody that is willing to let their
      money set for a week, or two? It may actually be just
      that, and if so, my hats are off to the victors, and I
      wish that I were one of them.

      I really like sev
      and the future prospects, and have been successful
      every time that I have owned it, but I am currently in
      a minor trap that I need to try and trade my way
      out of.

      As far as the pipeline is concerned,
      sev should proceed, at a quick pace, as though it did
      intend to fully develop the field, even though they are
      probably "out of their league". Imo, it is going to take a
      pipeline in order to accurately determine the true
      production rates of the field. Also, as the pipeline
      construction proceeds, the pressure on the future players
      increases proportionately, because they all have to be at
      the starting gate when the bell goes off. I
      personally like horse races more, when every gate has a
      horse behind it. Take care

    • tough stock to pick the bottom for!!! have u looked at tmar-
      another oil service stock that has been trampled on

    • I, too, noted there was no mention of testing
      Tres Pasos #2E
      in Wed. news release. They are only
      contracting for one
      completion rig and they have 3 wells
      to flow test. T.P #4E,
      E.S. #6E and then T.P.
      #2E, in that order. I understand the
      well looks
      good and the test will be 2 weeks in duration,
      not the 5-6 week extended test. One of the delays
      completion is SEV shipped the cores to Corex Labs in

      Aberdeen, Scotland, for water wetability, sweep
      tests and stimulation recommendations. Why Scotland?
      North Sea has limestone rocks and Corex has
      experience analyzing this type of formation. Wanna' get
      right, right?

      Oilperson ;-)

    • I wrote August 20 calls today at 2 1/8 to lower
      my average
      cost. I had previously written July 17
      1/2's. I'll wager
      I don't get the stock called from
      me in either case. If I'm
      wrong, I'll take the
      proceeds and probably be able to get
      back in at a lower
      price. Just trying to lower my average
      cost until
      sentiment improves.

      Regarding your MDCO, I think
      most of the service stocks are
      dead money until
      OPEC proves they are adhering to their
      Sell calls to lower your average cost. MDCO is
      good stock to own otherwise.

      Oilperson ;-)

    • I think I would wait to take a position in SEV
      right now
      since the latest news was announced today.
      Except for DLJ
      report, which will probably be a
      nonevent whenever they
      finally do release it, and an
      appearance next week in NYC
      at the ASE Energy Conference,
      there won't be any news to
      move the stock for 3-4
      weeks. Frankly, I think you'll get
      a chance to buy at
      17, and possibly lower. Regarding your
      about a 3-D survey, I know SEV is permitting
      right now. Not sure of timing as they would like
      Ecopetrol to pay half. They also shot 50 km of 2-D data

      late last year to tie their fault

      Oilperson ;-)

    • Nice to see you on this thread! Although our GDP
      thread is idle with the poor oil prices lately, I've
      been reading ALL posts at SEV which was recommended to
      me about a year ago from someone in the Houston
      area. I am currently seeking an entry point for first
      buy in. Thanks for the information you post in both
      places. It is good that someone of your expertise has
      access to information from these outposts. Do you think
      SEV will get 3D seismic before the deep test?

      Thanks again!

    • Oilperson,

      Do you know what's up with
      TP#2E? The sidetrack well has been completed for some
      time. Were there problems? Seems like they would have
      tested it by now. Any thoughts appreciated.

      Gun,Will Travel

    • Oilperson,

      Do you know what's up with
      TP#2E? The sidetrack well has been completed for some
      time. Were there problems? Seems loke they would have
      tested it by now. Any thoughts appreciated.

      Gun,Will Travel

    • The #3E that SEV is moving to next will be the
      most westerly
      well drilled to date. It has two
      objectives. First will
      be the continuation of the
      Cimarrona pay zone as it "saddles
      up" to the west.
      Second will be a sub-thrust, or "repeat"
      section underlying the first. It should be
      thickness, same facies, same bugs, etc. as the
      Cimarrona zone. Because it will be the first time this

      repeat section has been tested, it is premature to even

      guess what kind of additional reserves this well could
      to the big picture. SEV would need to drill 3
      or 4 more of
      these deeper wells to see how far of
      an aerial extent this sub-thrust covers. SEV thinks
      #3E will have to go to 9500'
      to see both zones.
      Give it 6-8 weeks to drill once

      Oilperson ;-)

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