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  • Invictaman Invictaman Jul 3, 1998 8:19 PM Flag

    Insider selling

    I also live in Houston, near the Space Center,
    but whenever my brother comes to visit, he brings me
    a load of fresh clams, to help remind me of my
    boyhood home. I am inclined to agree that there are not
    very many people that are fully aware of the sev
    story, other than people like ourselves, and those who
    have been touted the stock by one of the few market
    makers. I first got in early last year, around 13, and
    watched it preety much sit, until it started to take off
    last fall. At the time, I had no way of knowing that
    all of the movement was attributed to Mr. Soros, as
    was the second move early this spring, when he made
    his second move. Basically that means that he owns
    about 1/2 at 18, and the other 1/2 at about 22, for an
    average of 20 +/-. Do you pretty much concur with that
    general scenario?

    I have been watching the Trident
    deal, and am slightly perplexed that the greed has not
    set in yet, being that everybody has a friend,
    brother-in-law, or a mistress, that information should be slowly
    leaking out to. It appears that there are a lot of people
    who are just patiently waiting to pick of their
    $10-15 rpofit in the nest couple of weeks, and if I was
    even remotely convinced that it was quite that simple,
    I would be one of them. I have no idea what Triton
    is going to go for, but if I had to speculate, my
    guess would be toward the lower numbers that are being
    tossed about. What is you take on it?

    There seems
    to be quite a bit of talk lately, on this board,
    regarding what is, or is not going on. Mr. "Ray Charles"
    could see that some of it isn't worth reading, however
    the discussion about who is selling what, and
    conversion overhang, etc, makes it difficult for me to make
    any kind of near term projection. The only thing that
    I have noticed, of late, is that there appears to
    be less volatility, volume, and block selling, and
    that maybe there is a base somwhere in the 20

    I will be celebrating the 4th tomorrow, and in the
    event that you are British, you are still welcome to
    join the celebration, being that we are now paying
    more taxes on everything, than the King wanted on that
    boat load of moldy tea, that my fore fathers so
    proudly tossed into the sea. Just a little levity; enjoy
    the celebration of the greatest country on earth.

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