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  • jdbruins jdbruins Oct 1, 1998 9:55 AM Flag

    Oilperson 6

    Any news on 6E or other related to SEV ( awfully quit board ! )

    • I wish I could give you a decent answer to that
      question (what time frame do I see SEV turning). I can get
      the answer started and maybe some of the more
      informed about the oil cycle can chip in and help finish

      First, we need market sentiment to change. Stock markets
      in general are suffering from negative sentiment
      right now, to use understatement for emphasis. And the
      natural resource sector seems to be leading the pack.

      Second, the economies of the world are all weakening
      (where I hail from is said to be in a recession) and
      that is usually an 18 month cycle. That's a double
      negative: bad for market sentiment, bad for oil demand and
      hence oil prices. We need that change to occur as

      Third, a rally in oil prices is needed. If not from
      increased demand through a growing economy, then through
      reduced supply. Look east. If the OPEC cartel tightens up
      or if war hits that region we may get lucky. About
      oil prices that is.

      I think we are at the
      wrong point in the cycle. Any trend followers have a
      more accurate view as to how long oil has been in a
      down-trend and how long these cycles typically last? My hazy
      memory seems to recall oil prices peaking over a year
      ago and that the down leg in the cycle is usually 18
      - 24 months. We are certainly closer to the bottom
      than the top. Hopefully others can post something a
      bit more specific and therefore helpful than


    • Mosby65 - We'll get rid of our socialist cretins
      in government when we grow up and realize that we
      Canadians can continue to be "nice guys" without having pay
      for (and thereby enable) some of our less ambitious
      fellow countrymen (and immigrants and refugees and ...)
      And you're right: the BC government slaughtered the
      forestry industry ... mercilessly. Having said that, I'm
      terribly proud and happy to be a Canadian.

      about this digression. Rumour is that they are past
      10,000 feet on 6E and that the motherload (said with
      cautious optimism) might be in the deep. Let us


    • The Canadian lala land is where you had hoped to
      make your lala mola. You new we had socialist type
      governments when you made your investment. Don't now blame it
      on Canadian politics.
      Ya I'm sensitive to the
      derogatory Cnadian statement. I live here. I can leave my
      car unlocked for the most part and my front door of
      the house open at night. EH!
      By the way what the
      heck does forestry got to do with SEV. Are the trees
      they are cutting down going to a saw mill up here.
      Post your concern's on the woes of the Canuck Buck
      thread.Did you have a margin call and thus a bad hair day.

    • Good analysis. When are you people out in Canadian lalaland going to get rid of your cretin socialist government. My forestry stocks have really paid the price.

    • What time frame ( months ) do you see SEV turning??

    • Our friend Mr. dhrosier has given us an
      informative post about short interest in SEV.(And thank you
      for your analysis). Just go to any other thread of a
      stock that has lost 2/3 of its value this year
      (unfortunately, you have many to choose from!) You will see much
      of the same emotional short seller bashing that you
      see on this thread. SEV is off about the same as most
      junior oil exploration companies. It does not appear to
      be the unlucky target of an organized short selling
      campaign. This is a higher risk stock with great potential
      in its fundamentals suffering in a dreadful market.
      My hunch is that over the next month we will see
      positive press releases, particularly from the deep tests
      on 6E. (Exchange "hope" for "hunch" if you like.)
      The problem with releasing great news in a bad market
      is that it only has a short term and relatively
      small impact on the stock.

      I have bought great
      companies whose stock has tanked in bad markets before. I
      hate to do it but the only thing is to wait it out
      with confidence that when the market does turn
      patience will be rewarded.

    • I agree with you completely, it is just a story of $30 a share...
      I'm expecting $50+


    • hardly any reason to pound this stock, management
      does it!

      more talking heads to explain the
      ineptness of hef, ray and williamson. then, lets all go to
      nyc to bs soros and dlj. maybe take some color maps
      with us!!!! and , of course, dine at the four seasons
      instead of the 21 club.

      as management, let's do
      everything possible to explain around the issue and increase
      these numbers beyond the current 35 employees required
      to drill and monitor a couple of wells. that's more
      people than participate on this thread on a regular
      still, no production and no production histories, just
      talk of interference surveys, bla bla

      ohhhhhh, it's too many truckloads to haul oil, bare!! let
      me take a D9 cat and a blade down there and we'll be
      haulin oil.

      meanwhile, the cost of capital of a
      $350 million cap company keeps growing, the yarns keep
      spinning and the price keeps dwindling as we here stories
      of $30 a share. fat chance!

      easy question,
      which is closer $5 per share or $20? $7.50 or

      or maybe it isn't. how many would take $18 today and
      walk? how many would put a fork in it, if it went to

    • The market's action appear to show that the
      shorts are pounding down the stock at open trying to
      cause a selling scare. But as you've also noticed
      volume is way down. It's not working. So in the last
      twenty minutes or so shorty buy's back trying to cover
      his backside.
      Personally I just added to my
      position in SEV. And I encourage everyone else to also.
      Let's run the shorts off of this stock.

      on a
      side note. with sev's past history of releasing info
      on monday morning and the info that possible logging
      was occuring on 3E, let's cross our fingers and hope
      monday they let us know they found deep

      Just my thoughts madtex...


    • I guess I extrapolated the positive response of
      my gold stocks to the rest of my portfolio. This may
      actually be a case where the general market brings SEV
      down in advance of good news.

      I don't have the
      sources that Oilperson and others have, but I've heard
      some encouraging whispers about 3-E. Let's keep our
      fingers crossed...

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