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  • rosen62 rosen62 Dec 5, 2008 4:34 PM Flag

    So Paulson and PPT Money Screwed Us Today

    you are obviously now underwater. What happened to your call at $80? I see your ego is also hurting.

    You should have switched to ERX when you had a chance. Weren't you going to do that anyway? Trade what you see. Besides, with long bonds as high as they are and VIX as high as it is, playing bear IS the risky play now.

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    • Hmm HELLO! I just said I spent today with the family! And I notice my options did double intraday from 3 to 6. Ya had I been trading today I would have taken the profit. It was what I was waiting for, but this thing is still not over. These energy stocks are still overpriced and will have to go lower and like I said, my 75 options are still in green. I haven't lost a cent on this trade yet. I bought them cheap, about a dollar cheaper then where it is now, which is a quick double already! So, why would I be nervous. This rally, and everyone know this even the bulls, was pure PPT agenda. Next week is retail sales. They are doing everything they can from keeping the DOW from falling apart and it can only last so long. Up 8 of 10 days bud! Are you sure you want to stay long cuz when it happens, many longs will get wiped out as I've seen many many times before. So, please, spare me the nonsense. ERY is going to go higher. I mean look how quickly it got to 61. All I need is a good 3 days sell-off and it will be off to the races........

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      • Good for you to take time with your family.

        In this crazy market better not to be married to any opinion. As hard as this may be. But whatever it is, you can't argue with price. If the market pulls higher on 533k jobs lost that tells you something: for example, in past severe recessions like 1982 max job loss was in the order of 300/350k when losses peaked. Take the higher number and adjust that to current level workforce and you get to 500k. In other words, market may have -initially- estimated that "loss count" has peaked even though the unemployment figure could still get higher and certainly will. Translation: it may not get better onwards, but we have seen the worst in losses.

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