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  • fruitvale3067 fruitvale3067 May 24, 2006 7:53 PM Flag

    Coming to you "live"...

    from Las Vegas. Glad to see we have another RFID contract. This time the Red Rock Casino. A month ago when I visited the Red Rock I didn't notice any RFID tables. Guess I was wrong. Another great contract.

    I also see one of our new longs is throwing everything (including the kitchen sink) he has into trying to get the stock to rise, lol. Mostbudge, you better calm down or your going to have a heart attack. First it wasn't enough news. Now we get news of a new contract then it's we need a conferance call. VNX had a conferance call and it isn't getting them anywhere either. Face it this is a small company running full tilt to meet increasing demand for there products. This company is attending one gaming show after another introducing there products to potential new customers. They are also running extra shifts and expanding facilities to meet increased demand. I'm sorry if the short term share price doesn't meet with your approval. I have been involved in this stock for over 5 years and am now gladly part of the greatest expansion and growth in this company's history. The company's share price has also inceased from $1.10 to where it is today all without conferance calls and exposure. Relax and chill out. The stockmarket summer doldrums are upon us so it could be a long summer if you continue like you are. This could be looked at as a great buying opportunity during the next 3 months or so.

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    • I know im crazy...but im allowed to bitch....especially when a stock has a great qtr ...great potenial...and we go down...this buyers...where r they.can u tell me ...2.7 mill in float...and a big boy owns 1 million..i mean come on.....we should be matter where the mkt is.. REASONS TO BUY...low float.... great earnings ....great product...great growth....making money..did i mention low float......"greatest eapansion growth"...give me 20 and i will chill we r 15000 shares of selling away from 16...thats AWFUL!
      IM just saying a little exposure and we would be at 30 in this stock to make money......and so is everyone else.....

    • When I visited the Red Rock Casino what most caught my attention was the "B" rating posted at Capriotti's. Yuk! I didn't order a sandwich. Most places are so ashamed of a rating below "A" that they do whatever it takes to bring it up as soon as possible.

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