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  • kidecar kidecar Jun 19, 2006 7:13 PM Flag


    I ran a little grassroots AD campaign this morning

    SHFL, IGT, TBIX, SBL VNX and a couple of others

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    • I think you mean TIBX, not TBIX. Do not ever knock grassroots efforts! I believe I first came across this stock from a grassroots post of yours on the TIBX board back in the beginning of the year.

      And by the way, dump Tibco if you still own it. Short of landing a big government contract, it is a bit of a sinking ship. Maybe you just use it to diversify your casino supply holdings :)

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      • Thanks TTS,

        I guess I've got lyxdexia. <grin> You are correct, it was TIBX.

        (No I've never owned Tibco.)

        I see no problem sharing/spamming good "real tips" on other message boards because the stock market is HUGE; you can't possibly be aware of the minuta in every sector/sub-sector or even look at everything in ONE sector. Somethimes you have to spend your research time (but never your money!) based on nothing but a "leap of faith". It was Fruitvale that first turned me on to GPIC by posting on the KDE board. I did my DD and now I'm here long and strong - and so are you.

        Maybe there's something to this grassroots stuff after all!


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