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  • kidecar kidecar Mar 8, 2007 3:24 PM Flag

    WOW!! ...Harrahs going to RFID Chips...

    Dan Farber (ZDNet) submits: In this CIO Sessions video, Harrah's Entertainment (HET) CIO Tim Stanley talks about his high-tech vision for attracting customers to the world�s most popular casino destinations, from implementing business intelligence software to deploying wireless gadgets and RFID.

    Stanley is also Harrah's chief innovation officer. As part of his innovation mission, he focuses on commercializing technology as well as or better than competitors....

    Harrah's is creating test sites across more than 40 properties in North American to try out new concepts. "Many of the best ideas actually either come from or are tweaked or modified by folks who are dealing with customers or operations day to day," Stanley told me.

    Check the video around timestamp 5:22

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    • Good points.

      I'm sure once the main infrastructure is in place, there are endless ways to improve the user-friendlyness aspects of the system.

      I like our position of investing in the leader of chip supplier. During the gold rush, the suppliers of rakes and buckets made the real money (something along this line?).

      We used to have an RFID-guru on this board who from time to time posted comments on RFID technology and related issues. Are you still there? If you're still hanging around, could you please also comment?


    • I think that you are spot-on.

      in addition I would say that it is also a labor-saving technology in that the Pit Boss can consentrate on improving PR with customers, hading out comps to customers, and looking out for cheaters as opposed to doing mundane clerical tasks like confirming a chip rack inventory.

      I'm sure those folks make a pretty nice bankroll so anythingthat makes them more efficient is good fot the company's bottom line.

      Another advantage of Casino RFID is proximity. The chips "Can" be traced as they move through the building but it seems that is is simply more practical to confirm counts at points A and B since it only takes seconds to count a chip rack.

      I feature that I would like to see is a display in from of each player displaying the total chip value that he puts up for a bet or that is in the pot. Keeps cheaters from changing bets after the cards are in play.

      I also like being the supplier of the chip and not the software tech. Our products are compatible with all systems, both HiFq and LoFq so we reap the benefit (as a chip supplier) of the other software/hardware sales organizations sales efforts.

    • Unlike other high-profile RFID applications, such as the one Walmart is undertaking on revolutionaizing their supply-chain, I believe the gaming industry's adoption of RFID-chip will be the very first real life large-scale RFID applications to provide great and quick ROI.

      There are a few advantages in the gaming industry's RFID applications that other high-profile applications don't have:

      - First, it's more of a closed application that is under the sole control of one party, the casino company. When more parties are involved, such as the Walmart project, exponentially more coordination/planning works are needed.

      - The gaming industry RFID applications are technically more feasible with today's technology. There are less components in the system. For example, we don't need to deal with products with liquid in cans such as soda, which post some technical challenges to be overcome.

      - I believe top management know the instant rewards to the bottom line the system can provide, just by reducing counterfeiting and internal thefts.

      - And the potential of raising the return of table games to the level of slot games down the line.

      Any comments?

    • According to the video, implementation will begin in the Vegas casinos. With harrah's owning 40 casino properties folks do you know how many years of RFID sales we are looking at. Several. This story just gets better.

    • Nice finding, kidecar.


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