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  • rgchjr1945 rgchjr1945 Feb 24, 2012 7:21 PM Flag

    Gabelli on Kudlow - likes NFG

    Kudlow has Mario Gabelli on his 7pm show talking about energy. Gabelli talking about shale drilling and likes NFG. Despite the low price of gas he likes the companies that have the property. Gas prices will be back.

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    • Well Sunoco sure attracted some interest today.
      I know NFG and SUN are different,but it does go to show how a low margined business can get bought out. NFG has much better margins.

    • The nat gas business is not good right now. A raider would have to be crazy to get involved in this business. The real value is in the mineral rights to drill for gas, which isn't worth to much right now.

      You have to go out to the end of 2014 before you find futures contracts over $4. Not very encouraging.

    • How would it be a hard target when insiders own less than 3%? Carl Icahn has just about finalized it's raid of CRV energy. He most likely will have proceeds with his Amylin holding to. His team searches out companies like NFG that can be broken up.

      I agree with your assessment of a spinoff. Nice catalyst for shareholders. IMO-That would be good to keep raiders, or activists, as some would say now, like Carl away.

    • This stock is a tough takeover target. IT is a utility with a dinky pipeline and a lot of dry gas mineral rights. Forget Dominion. They just got rid of all their E&P a few years ago. They just want to be a utility. No one wants the property now because the market is glutted with companies unloading dry gas property.

      In order to break up this company and get value, the management would have to do it themselves. They could keep the E&P and spin off or sell the utility & pipeline. Both SE and ENB have utility operations just over the boarder in Canada, but the last thing in the world they want is the E&P business.

      Not a happy situaution for any fast change artists out there.

    • I'm hypothetically talking Dominion wanting the whole company in a surprise bid.

      Just remember ElPaso was just acquired fairly recently by Kinder Morgan for 38 Billion. Also remember their was a loser in the Southern Union bidding war (Williams). IMO pipeline assets are going to be more respected as LNG @ NG infrastructure comes to fruition.

    • No way they ever sell---they might be a buyer but never a seller.

    • In simple terms. Mario likes the takeover appeal here. I do to, as well. I just bought in 2 days ago. I see two big positives to potential speculative stock appreciation. IMO-Lots of undervalued assets (Seneca Resources)& (storage capacity)that can be realized by someone Bigger. I spoke out The Dominion Resources name as a hypothetical suitor. Just a guess, but it makes sense. It mat never happen, buy I can stay long at these prices and collect the dividend if nothing happens. Yes, Iknow NG is very cheap now, but being that NFG transports it as well as explores for it, can help ease the pain. I live in Western NY an area that NFG is capital spending on right now.

    • I don't get your meaning. Please explain so myself and the rest of the board can fully understand your findings.

    • dripdripdrop_of_gonorrhea dripdripdrop_of_gonorrhea Apr 10, 2012 1:14 PM Flag

      Of course he loves it....he has millions of shares and is under water....he needs to pump and dump....but this pos needs some serious pumping.....

    • When things turn for the better in the Nat.Gas program-I should say--lack of a program----the current prezzzzz will need a big uptick to be re-elected--I think you will see such a Hugh new Nat.Gas program proposed with-in the next several months. This will start to free us from foreign oil and create more excellent paying jobs than ever before.It's only a stones throw away from reality. If the current people in Washington were not playing politics and hugging tree's Nat.Gas prices would be where they should be today.I think Gabelli knows this. More reason NFG should drill and cap without hesitation. Unless the Gov. is reverse engineering
      a flying saucers power supply--Nat. gas is the future for the next 100 years or more.It's a no brainer.I just wish NFG would show some leadership. Let us know what the heck their thinking. Silence makes one wonder-openness makes one a knowledgeable investor who wants to invest more---soooooo-lets open up Directors "Directors"one that Directs--per Webster. Maybe the
      directors could just Google it.

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