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  • techtrade_5599 techtrade_5599 Oct 14, 2009 3:40 PM Flag

    OT: Quick mention of an undervalued stock

    CSGJ (China Shuangji Cement) is really undervalued according to my model. It's worth over $13 and trading for about 1.35 or so. The last time I saw something this mispriced was CHID which became CMTP. I made a ton on that one. Time to ring the register again!

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    • Any thoughts anyone on NOEC. Nasdaq with 5M float.

    • I'm not as enthusiastic about CSGJ since I learned about the preferred to common share conversion, which will serve to keep a lid on the share price for some time. I do have a small profitable position that I will be exiting soon.

      Take a look at CHIO. It is a great opportunity.

    • << If the guy number 2 wasn't created 2 days ago, I wouldn't of said anything. >>

      Guess you haven't noticed that your first post in this topic seems to be by Jawkra who has just 44 messages going back only to 9/1/09, while your second post seems to be by Anythingwilldo who has 521 messages going back several months. And when you do View Messages, it says that your last few messages are actually by Bob. Yahoo has been screwing up on posters' names and histories on all its boards starting a few days ago. Techtrader5599 has been a regular poster on this board for several months, as you can easily verify by taking a minute or two to scroll back in the Topics list. But you would have been aware of that if you hadn't come here for the first time to attack people instead of to offer something useful.

      I see that on the FAZ board (Financial Bear 3x ETF) you introduced yourself on Sept 7th as "a stupid guy who buys only one stock at a time and puts all his eggs in one basket and lets it sit for a few months even if you lose your azz". And that the one stock you were planning to buy the next day with that strategy was FAZ at $25, which you would sell in 3-5 months at $100+. Well, FAZ is now lolling around in the $17-19 range, so maybe it's time to reconsider your self-described stupid strategy.

      The reason this topic was listed as "OT = Off Topic" was to advise narrow-minded people who have no interest in anything that's not about NEP (such as perhaps putting more than just one potential winner in their basket at the same time) to skip the topic. That means you, Bob.

    • LOL.
      Use 0.69EPS for CSGJ. GOogle finance numbers are misleading.

    • Let's see. Guy #1 recommends a stock and says it's a potential 10-bagger worth over $13. Guy #2 asks if he might have overlooked a certain negative fact about the stock and that it couldn't be worth nearly that much. Guy #1 then responds that Guy #2 is right and that after further investigation the stock really isn't worth over $13. I can think of better ways to pump a stock by using two identities. Then Guy #2 says he sees a rising wedge pattern in CNOA, but Guy #1 replies that he doesn’t see that pattern. How come this sneaky guy keeps disagreeing with himself?

      Actually, over the years I've been accused of the same scam on a couple of other occasions when I engaged in a back-and-forth exchange with another guy who is capable of presenting meaningful analysis in coherent English sentences and using a spell checker. Apparently the frequency of such posters on these message boards is so low that when two of them happen to respond to each other it's assumed by some members of the illiteratti that they must be the same guy using different identities. I think that's cute (NOT "thats cute").

      Even if you're convinced that Mr. Techtrade (Guy #1) is immorally pumping a stock, you might want to pay attention anyway instead of busying yourself in constructing conspiracy theories. He really was praising CHID.OB repeatedly back in June when it was at $0.12. Since then, CHID became CMTP and recently hit $10 for an 8-bagger after a 1:10 split That's no joke.

    • Hey Dan,

      I am glad that my input has been of use, the happy three article is certainly playing as expected, and I still expect it to continue playing over the next few quarters.

      As for pharma stocks, there is certainly some potential there, however I don’t really follow the sector since it is hard for me gauge at times the efficacy of various drugs, further more there are some serious liability issues and heavy regulations in this industry, accordingly I’d rather stick with the basics such as commodities, real estate, retailing ..etc…

      Take care,

    • Hi Nawar:

      I remember very well that SA aricle from you that got me into CNOA and NEP. In the mean time my CNOA position has more than tripled but as I posted today on the CNOA board, I see it heading to 5+ next year and much higher after. Thanks for the great work !

      Btw: do you research small pharma stocks like CBPO, JGBO, CYXN, BSPM...? Any coming write up on those? I think pharmas are a must in any chinese basket, JMHO. Regards,


    • Thats cute.

      One guy says something and his new account replies back.. That goes on for 6 or so messages.

      Lol what a joke that is. If you want to pump a stock, try to be more sneaky.

    • I absolutely agree. It's just that CNOA has hit the top of its channel today. I'm not selling completely here -- just lightening up. The next price resistance is around 1.60 - 1.70 if I remember correctly. It will get there eventually.

    • CNOA.ob was one of my top picks back in April:

      I believe they may have a bit more room to run.


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