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  • robovshome robovshome Dec 14, 2011 4:07 PM Flag

    WOW!! What a Wild Ride That Was....

    That is some of the craziest volatility I've seen in quite some time. Made some decent coin on both sides of the trade. Going to be interesting to watch this play out. You gotta wonder how the crooks are pulling this off? Can't wait to read Harvey Organs report later tonight. Glad I'm in this for the long haul and can look past all the noise. It's end is coming. Going to be very interesting to see what kind of demand arises for physical again in both gold and silver. Last time we were at 28.00 it was hard to get physical silver or you had to wait several weeks for delivery.
    Gotta like that ignore button too. No need to waste precious energy responding to our resident loser.

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    • I have not heard so many pundits punishing gold as I have in last week. the contrarian in me says maybe a reversal in order??

    • silver keeps going down as we speak.
      HL just had another mine accident.
      Lower priced GPL, buy more.
      June is 6 months away. China may control the trade.
      what will be happening then?

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      • IMO many silver investors will now be taking advantage of low bullion prices and be loading up on silver coins and bullion. We now have a buying window that may not last very long. The US dollar has now soared upward to the nosebleed level and should soon come crashing downward. But I've been wrong before and could be once again. SS

    • Robov,

      The wild ride may not be over. I haven't observed the spot silver price moving higher yet. How did you make money in this silver market unless you had purchased some puts to offset your long position? If that's the case, good for you! My silver portfolio is taking a beating and there's no recovery in sight as long as the US dollar continues to soar upward. How the USA can continue to have it's national debt grow higher every day and yet have a stronger dollar defies all logic. I thought that I knew what I was doing when I loaded up on silver. Now I'm beginning to question my sanity. This downward spiral of silver must end soon or I'll be in a position similar to that of Beerbuddy. My FAZ holding is my only ray of light in all this darkness. SS

    • How about it, robo?

      Agreed, that is why I said I will no longer allow myself to feed this uselessness. I will add to the debate that which I feel is beneficial. I will no waste my time and energy on the like of Daabaa and support his feeble ego.

    • robo,

      We all miss you and want you back.

      You can come out now, the battle is over for today, your side lost.

      You may be a Devil, but your our Devil.

      Save the ignore button for guys like adam and jay.

      I promise I'll try to be more civil if you are.

      What do you say?

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      • @daabaadee "I promise I'll try to be more civil if you are. What do you say?"

        How honorable, but why would you make you being more civil contingent upon robo being more civil? Shouldn't you be civil on your own?

        When you came onto this board, and started calling people names, I suggested that you should be civil, and perhaps you could have a positive influence on this board... you declined. I ask that you reconsider. Don't let it go to your head, but you have the power to bring civility to this board all by yourself. I hope you will give it a try... OK?


        People who live in glass houses... 6-Nov-11 12:15 am

        @daabaadee Every Message Board has its own personality, this one is no exception. The board's personality is an amalgamation of the personalities of its main contributors; BB, SS, robo, wolf, and others. We, who have read this board for a while, have learned their personalities, and understand how to read their postings.

        As a self-confessed newbie to this board, your entrance has not been graceful, nor constructive. Your observations about BB's recent posts may have some merit, to the uninitiated, but he was simply quoting, and responding to, what turned out to be inaccurate reports.

        There is another old saying about people who live in glass houses. On the Yahoo: New Gold, Inc. Message Board, you wrote:

        Re: daabaadee 22-Oct-11 10:24 pm
        As of today I'm a buyer in the low $9s, but who knows it could see $8s depending on how this senerio plays out.

        I foresee A Flash Crash type senerio that could last a few days to a week,with triple digit losses,flying monkeys,and scary economic news that will shake the markets to their core.
        Re: daabaadee 23-Oct-11 05:16 am
        O.K....Maybe I am Exaggerating a little bit here,about the flying monkeys, but I do forsee NGD, Gold and the broader markets dropping next week in a Flash Crash Senerio.

        Your "Flash Crash Scenario" didn't happen. So, it seems you know all about the "boy who cried wolf"... your schizo posts may be keeping new investors away too!

        So, welcome to the GPL board. You will either accept the board for what it is, or you won't, the choice is yours. If you are able to make constructive contribution to the board, you will in fact have changed it, just a little, by adding your name to the list of names making up this board's personality. Let's see what you're made of, and dump this thread... OK?

      • Whats this we stuff dabbaaa. theres no we here cause you are all alone you useless snott.

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