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  • daabaadee daabaadee Feb 23, 2012 8:02 PM Flag

    Redemption has begun...


    PEIX :

    94,340 * $1.09 = $102,830

    GPL :

    37,302 * $2.70 = $100,715


    That's as close as it's ever going to get robo.

    PEIX will announce earnings on Monday after the bell.

    Shares are already surging in after hours.

    I hope you guys bought some.

    Remember when I told you guys
    to SELL GPL at $2.70 and BUY PEIX
    to keep the money train going,
    well your about to find out why I said to do that.


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    • Dodobird- "I sold half at $1.62"
      Of course you did. Always easy to post after the fact. That's
      just how the "pros" do it, right?

    • sold PEIX short yesterday.
      buy to cover today.
      use profits to buy GPL.
      should not trade on emotions.
      why, anger is an emotion.
      why, because I can, paybacks are hell

    • Mugz,

      WOW, what a ride.

      I sold half at $1.62, and I'm holding the rest for now ( still in the black ),
      that big gap up made me nervous from the get go, then when it double topped in the high $1.60s I pulled the trigger.

      I'm looking to reload, I'm just not sure where yet.

      The business strategy meeting is today, so we'll see what happens there.

      Except for the earnings miss, things are looking pretty good for PEIX.

      Re: The future of PEIX, It should see $3 to $5 this year easy.

      I've been kinda busy so I haven't had time to post anything anywhere,
      and I doubt I'll get a chance to post anything else today.

      I'm getting ready to go to work now, but I saw your post and figured I'd touch base on PEIX.


    • LMFAO @ jmsmttly

      "Something's burnin' tonight AH, and it's not a blue flame."

    • Last part should read "still playing with house money" at least for today.

    • Yup, you are right. Shoulda woulda coulda. Shoulda sold prior to earnings, woulda pocketed close to 20,000, coulda but I was being a pig. Well, bright spot is lesson learned and money.
      DBD where are you? You and Jack going out tonight?

    • Something's burnin' tonight AH, and it's not a blue flame.

    • Having fun yet?
      Still holding?
      BTW. We are making some serious dough.

    • WOW!! You consider up .04 cents in AH's surging? I'll stick with the real money hard asset silver. Although miner's are not true physical it is the next best thing, but will add it is just as susceptible to a crash as your's if the bottom falls out of the markets. Nothing beats true money, physical gold and silver. Whether paper silver miner shares or paper ethanol company shares, at the end of the day they are all worthless if their is no one buying.

      • 1 Reply to robovshome
      • robo,

        Here's the intra day update:



        94,340 * $1.32 = $124,528


        37,302 * $2.65 = $98,850


        This is what happens when a Pumper goes up against a Pro.

        I'm $25,678 ahead of robo in just a matter of weeks and you could have been to if you followed my advice.

        After Monday it will be much more.

        You see board, I wasn't trying to hurt you guys, I was trying to help you.

        I'm almost always right
        and I don't bash, I forcast, there is a big difference.

        I hope you all learned a lesson from this.

        Maybe next time I advise you to do something you'll listen.

        Like I say, It's not to late to BUY PEIX, it's going to break $2 sooner then you think.


        As for you robo,

        Let's hear you Talk your Talk today, better yet,
        why don't you put your on line trading skills to use and tell me how high you think PEIX will go.

        If it dosn't get bought out Monday, I say it Tops out around $2.50,
        if it does get bought out I say $5 Monday after the bell.

        What say you?

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