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  • daabaadee daabaadee Mar 20, 2012 10:45 AM Flag

    lookin promising. Dabadee....

    Remember these predictions...

    Read them over and see who made the right call.


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    • lol....haha..dabadee you crack me up man. you go through all the messages to prove a point that i gave you credit for if you made it. lol....good for you man....i mean really, you made a good call. And if this level doesnt hold then you made another good call. But if it doesnt then you didnt.......have you ever made a bad call? you have because you wouldnt be on here wasting your time. Now leave it alone and lets watch what happens going forward,

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      • cib,

        Yeah, even I've made a few bad calls,
        I should have sold all my PEIX at $1.62 instead of just selling half.

        In this case, my worst case senerio will be a cover at $2.26
        but I'm hoping for a cover at the gap at $2.04.

        $2.26 would bank me $45,000
        but a $2.04 cover would bank me $67,000,
        so I guess we'll see what happens next,
        either way shorting GPL at $2.71 was the right call.

        Contray to popular belief, I'm not just here to bash GPL and it's shareholders,
        I'm actually here making money on GPLs demise.

        I did warn the longs that this would happen
        in an attempt to save them from this fate,
        but they didn't want to hear it.


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