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  • robovshome robovshome Mar 26, 2012 1:39 PM Flag

    Timeline to America's Total Destruction with Pastor Lindsey Williams

    I wouldn't consider myself a hard core conspiracy theorist, although I do believe there is a lot more going on beneath the surface of what we know. I also do not listen to Alex Jones or would call myself a fan but watch some of his stuff over the years. I did come across this today though and thought it worthy of sharing far anyone with the time to listen. They talk about the Keystone Pipeline, the collapse of the US dollar and its reserve currency status, which we are already seeing played out with Japan/China agreement, Iran/India for gold arrangement etc. They also touch on the collapse of the financial system and predict it coming date. As I said I'm not extreme on this stuff, but when I hear this stuff and how eerily accurate the predictions are and relate to what I currently see going on around the world, this is very scary sheet. We are going to see a very different world over the next few years like the world has never experienced I think and most of the sheep are clueless. I don't consider myself religious, but am spiritual, know the bible and other ancient texts and prophetically there are some things happening and that are likely about to happen that again, eerily ominous. I hope things don't play out this way but if you follow the so called fringe side and stay away from the manipulated MSM the world is about to change rather dramatically and you don't even need to be on the fringe. You just need to have a basic understanding of what is going on very subtly behind the scenes. The challenging of the US dollar reserve status, increased global money printing to sustain unsustainable debt, several new bills being signed quietly and without much media coverage slowing stripping the American constitution and the freedoms and rights of its citizens that started after 911 and has intensified in the last several months etc. One of the things that has been talked about in the Christian end time prophecies was the day when humanity would have to accept the mark of the beast to be able to transact in the financial global economy. Today we have the ability to implant microchips in the body that have the ability to contain all the data required about you which could include your finances. The other things has always been one world government and one global currency. What happens when all nations have devalued their currency to zero and debts are not only unsustainable as they already are but at a point of default and the slate needs to wiped clean with a new financial system created. Orwells 1984 screams out here. My goodness, I know I'm rambling, but if someone had told me even 10 years ago we'd be where we are today I'd have called them a nutbar.
    Here's the link for anyone interested and I'd be curious to hear form some of the other regulars here as to whether I'm alone in my thoughts or if some of you are as concerned as me about what lies ahead.!

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    • 99.9% of bible teachers lie very well.
      anybody who labels themselves pastor without a flock to tend have a hidden agenda.
      a real christian only follows the words of Jesus.

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      • ..again, very OT:
        ..sonya posted:
        "99.9% of bible teachers lie very well.
        anybody who labels themselves pastor without a flock to tend have a hidden agenda."

        I have always held the belief that if the preacher
        lives a great deal better than his/her flock does,
        it's a sure thing that the flock is getting scammed.

        JMHO, of course.

      • a real christian only follows the words of Jesus.

        Not to start a debate on this and I respect your opinion as I believe you are correct in that a "Real" Christian would follow only the teaching of the teacher. As long as you don't imply that those attending a church or are part of the flock are all Christians. I spent a number of years in the Christian movement and saw very few that I would call, as those that follow the teaching of Jesus.
        As Timothy so eloquently put it and my experience was that many have the "appearance of godliness, back lack the power/fruit" and were not a whole lot different than much of the rest of the world when away from the Sunday meetings. Just my experience.

        Beside I was not so much focused on the messenger as I was the message.

    • very interesting video. i've actually heard some of what he talks about in several other sources, so it's not just his opinion. thanks for posting.
      you probably realize by now that most people aren't comfortable thinking outside the box, so don't worry about what people think about you. an open mind usually has the last laugh.

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      • most people aren't comfortable thinking outside the box

        Agreed, I have never been one of the sheeple in that I have never been much for the status quo and have always believed, especially in today's scientific and medical age that there are cures for cancer and other diseases. But how many researchers would be out of a job and research facilities shut down etc. Same goes for the American war on drugs. How many people would be put out of work if people were treated for their addictions instead of tossed in jail. No less for pharmaceutical giants. It is all about the money, hence why money is the root of all evil.

        That which has been is that which will be,
        And that which has been done is that which will be done.
        So there is nothing new under the sun.

    • dcpayne1 Mar 27, 2012 12:02 PM Flag

      Robov, I'll bet you $10 that Barack Hussein will suggest a national gun law w/in the next 12 months.. wanna bet?? Better wake up and smell the take-over.

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      • Robov, I'll bet you $10 that Barack Hussein will suggest a national gun law w/in the next 12 months.. wanna bet?? Better wake up and smell the take-over.

        Not to much of a problem for me up here in the north. As long as I have my igloo, lots of seal, salmon and whale on the table I'll be fine.

        You could probably bet the farm on that. Think the fact that the news that Rutger is sold out of guns and not taking any new orders hasn't reach the Hill. The takeover of America started the day the twin towers were taken down and has continued with little MSM fanfare since and for anyone to doubt that some in government weren't complicit in that crime is naive IMO. We are talking about very, very corrupt, evil and wicked people that would stop at nothing to accomplish their mission. The subjugation of the citizenry.

    • dcpayne1 Mar 27, 2012 12:37 PM Flag

      Cook'n Jake in Vale.. It's dirty work, but someone has to do it!

      Next time take a snow bunny with you.. end results may not differ but .. What a way to go!

    • SO, YOU BOUGHT TVIX at $100?

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      • hey robo..obama reinstated the military draft. last executive order, obama has control of all resources in america. something obviously big is going to happen. martial law? war with iran? china? russia? dollar collapse? 2012? obama and his corrupted croonies are getting ready.

        i hate posting here, this will be my only post here for the year. just wanted everyone to get ready. America messed up not voting for ron paul. good luck.

    • "You can have the beaver tail I stick with the beaver."

      That would imply no doubt concerning robo's maleness.

      "I guess I forgot to mention the reindeer."

      ..ruh-roh...on second thought...hmmmm.

      (Yahoo will probably delete this message. LOL!!)

      hey..just joking, ya know. ;-D

    • I agree its good to keep your sense of humor in times such as

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