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  • seasonedspec seasonedspec Apr 12, 2012 11:59 AM Flag

    Comex Registered Silver Inventory Falls Below 30 Million Ounces Again

    IMO this is a clear warning to those who have been manipulating and suppressing silver prices. As the world wide silver bullion supply drops, the ongoing demand for silver bullion is certain to drive the price much higher. It's basic supply and demand economics. Those short silver will eventually have to cover. Demands for silver deliveries from the COMEX will be costly to meet as the silver bullion supply continues to diminish. Cash settlements for delivery demands will become necessary when silver for delivery can only be obtained by paying outrageous prices for it. The manipulation game may now be in it's final stage as evidenced by today's sharp silver spike off it's recent lows. Silver may retest it's low again, but the manipulation game is now in it's final stage IMO. Order your bullion and coins today while the price is still attractive. Silver prices will be above $60 prior to the start of 2013. SS

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    • yeah okay will do seasoned...where are the real buyers of silver?????not in this country...joe sixpack is and always will be a paperchaser....

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      • guido,

        I agree with you that very few Americans are now buying and holding silver. But the Europeans are concerned about the future of the EURO and have been loading up on gold and silver as a result. Also, consider the huge amounts of gold and silver bullion now being acquired by China, India, and Russia. Just because Joe sixpack hasn't a clue, doesn't mean that smart money is not now loading up on silver bullion (and selected silver mining stocks) while prices are so low. Once silver bullion becomes a scarce commodity and prices soar upward, watch the USA buying stampede. SS

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