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  • yankee1steve yankee1steve May 9, 2012 10:30 PM Flag

    Dah Ba Dumb Dumb wanna bet?

    Hear ye all..I am issuing a challenge to Duh Ba Dumb Dumb that he is wrong that GPL is going to go down to $1.45/sh. I say that all the mining PM shares had hit bottom. Look at EXK and NEM today it is starting to move back up. We are in fact at the bottom folks. I am staying strong on PM stock. What duh ba dumb dumb call POS I called piece of Golden opportunity for GPL. GPL will not go down to $1.45. So, duh ba dumb if you think you are right reply to my email and say the following:

    Yes Yankee, I duh ba dumb dumb accept your bet and say on this day May 10th that GPL will go down t0 $1.45/sh."

    If you failed to say that by replying to my challenge. You are in fact a phoney and a big liar. So, here is my challenge waiting for you to proof to the board that in fact you are not speaking on both side of your mouth. If you are wrong, please disappear from this board. If I am wrong I will disappear from this board. I place my reputation on the line.

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    • wankee,

      Remember this bet?

      Time has proven me correct and proven you the fool.

      ( insert evil laugh here )

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 2 Replies to daabaadee
      • I remember that bet and you lose and I win. I sold GPL so many times and BUY it so many times. The date I say that was May 10,2012 and now is 2013. You are the biggest DUMBO around this board who have no brain. I think you should go back to your mama hole and smoke some of those weeds. What happened to your POS PEIX that you asked people to BUY over $1/sh? Dare not answer right? Why? Because you are the biggest bone head here. Whatever you put on record comes back to burn you and that is why u dare not put it on record. You still have not answer me Bozoo what is the price of GPL in April or May of 2013? If you are so smart at prediction tell me the price. What is it? Just as I say, my fart is more powerful than your prediction.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • PEIX Fri. was .325 at the close and going down every day same as dumb dumb

    • yankee,

      You have no reputation to place on the line, other then being a liar and a fool.

      ( insert evil laugh here )


    • What duh ba dumb dumb call POS

      Oh our resident NOB knows all about a POS stock. Just ask him about his 2 - 3 bagger PIEX. We were all supposed to sell this POS and buy his even bigger TURD with a guarantee that we would at the very least double our money. This NOB is the biggest POS of all on this board and I don't know why any of you even bother to give it the time of day. If all would stop acknowledge it, it would disappear into the ether where it belongs.

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