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  • robovshome robovshome May 11, 2012 11:54 PM Flag

    Even Though...

    I am down a little on GPL I honestly for the first time don't mind as I have the ability to wait this out knowing what the ultimate outcome will be. Not only will the gap be filled at 3.29 but we will see 4 - 5 dollars again on this stock before the end of the year. That said I relish the low silver prices right now and would not be terribly upset if they remain at these levels for another month or two. The reason is that I am really new(1 1/2 years) to the PM sector and really did not know about the importance of stacking physical metal. As a result of the recent sell off it has given me the opportunity to start buying physical metal at reduced prices and start accumulating real money. Each week the price goes down I have an opportunity to buy more physical for the future. Unlike some other NOB that trolls around here suggesting you buy shares in unsustainable fuel source.

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    • What happened to GPL ?

      According to robo GPL should have been 4 - 5 dollars by now.

      Where is robo by the way, I haven't heard a peep out of him for a long time.

      I guess he dumped this POS and moved on along with the rest of the pumpers.

      In the end... the pumpers did far more harm to the folks here then they did good.

      I told you bagholders not to listen to the pumpers.

      Now that this POS has fallen from $5 to $1.50 most pumpers have given up on pumping

      and GPL and have moved on , leaving the foolish bagholders that listened to them behind.

      Nice guys right?

      Well at least we still have wankeesteve, although he's more of a name caller then a pumper.

      I guess in the end you have to ask yourself:

      Who was really looking out for the folks, the pumper who told you what you wanted to hear and

      have been proven wrong or daabaadee who told you what you didn't want to hear,

      yet was proven right?


      No yea this bagholders...

      The worst is yet to come.

      ( insert evil laugh here )

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Remember this idiot...wankees the new robo.

      Hey wankee what do you think, will GPL see $4 or $5 before the year ends...

      ( insert evil laugh here )

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • robos and idiot.

      He knows nothing about investing and is losing his shirt on this POS.

      Just by reading the posts here, you can tell these people are dopes.

      You are holding a stock that has been going down and will continue to go down along with the rest of the sector.

      Get out before earnings.

      Enough is enough already, you on a sinking ship with a bunch of fools...wake up!

      $1.45 soon.

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