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  • wanguy2k wanguy2k Sep 27, 2012 9:52 PM Flag

    New Yahoo Boards

    Well, I guess it's game over for Yahoo message boards. I've been in GPL for years, and in fact the stock was brought to my attention on a message board for another stock. I've posted links to several different articles about precious metals and about GPL in particular. Do you see any of them? No. Because they've been deleted by Yahoo to prevent spam.

    This new system hasn't stopped all the robo-posts, as you can see. So instead of investors sharing information you have automated post after post of nonsense:

    "A great read"
    "Thanks for sharing this"
    "I will subscribe"
    "This pick is amazing"

    Yahoo completely screwed the pooch on this one. I'll look into other messages boards and post them here if I find a good one. Although Yahoo will probably delete it. If fact, they'll probably delete this post also.

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    • the stockhouse bullboards are decent, they let you post links, sometimes they are slow and clunky, but a lot of traffic has moved over there after the latest Yahoo "upgrade"

      a lot of the old CGR YMB posters now post on the T.CRJ bullboard, and the T.P stockhouse bullboard is a lot better than the PPP yahoo board, those stockhouse bullboards do a good job with the TSX listed stocks, lots of good info

      maybe Canadians are just smarter than we americans, their currency is stronger - i know a few canadians, they seem pretty sharp, a lot of other sharp ones i don't personally know, like Eric Sprott for example, he's a sharp cookie, and Bradford Cooke, think he's a Canadian too, up there they legalized marijuana, they got marriage equality, we're just a little behind them is all

      seems like just a matter of time before EXK gobbles up this company, it's just too good a fit for them, Bradford Cooke would love to get his hands on great panther's assets and consolidate the entire Guanajuato district, and Cooke has a way of getting what he wants...

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      • I don't currently own any GPL shares, have before, may again.

        My favorite silver miner is EXK, and it's done pretty good, seems undervalued here after they did that deal with Aurico. I've pared down my holdings to focus on 3 companies, EXK, PPP, and CRCUF. PPP is Primero, they mine gold and silver from their San Dimas mine in Mexico. They only have one producing mine, but it's a monster. And so is their stock. On Thursday I bought 5k more shares for $5.35, giving me 11k shares total, and the stock closed Thursday at $5.40. Then on Friday they got a favorable tax ruling and the stock went crazy, finishing up $1.97 to close at $7.37. That's a 38% gain in one day.

        OK, i got lucky. But it's not all about silver, it's about gold too. You should probably have some gold exposure by owning a primary gold producer. EXK mines a lot of gold, so does GPL, but neither get the respect they deserve. So I sold some EXK shares to buy PPP, and turned out great. That should tell you how much I like PPP, had to sell some EXK to load up on PPP. I think PPP still has room to run, will break $10 before GPL breaks $3.

        The other gold stock I like a lot is CRCUF, it's a junior explorer in Canada, they own the New Polaris project which has a 1M+ Au deposit they are try,ing to develop, plus a couple other properties. OK, that sounds great, but here's what I like the most about CRCUF: 1) the stock trades for sixteen cents 2) the company CEO and Chairman is Bradford Cooke. He's taken a ten cent stock and turned it into a $10 stock, that's what he did with EXK, and it's growing like a weed, so maybe he can do it again with CRCUF. He's the best, or at least one of the best. I got in EXK years ago at much lower levels, and it has been my largest holding for many years, and it looks as good here as ever, because of the management... .

    • I agree 100%... yahoo may not realize it but this message board has been the one thing that really helped yahoo...

      So their will be another if they don't fix it fast.

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