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  • kbootsyb kbootsyb Mar 5, 2013 12:21 PM Flag

    GPL is being Manipulated Down -

    Something is not right here given the price of silver is only down 1.5% in the past week and GPL is down 15%. It is obvious that it is being manipulated down and the company should be investigating along with the SEC to find out who is behind it. The paper price of silver is also being manipulated down compared with the physical price.

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    • Yes kbootsyb,

      GPL is being manipulated Down and

      Before it is over YOU and ALL WHO HOLD THIS POS WILL BE DESTROYED!

      ( insert evil laugh here )


    • its pretty obvious from the trading pattern. Every times there is a little bounce up, suddenly a wall of sell will appear like now at 1.04. Clearly trying to shake long down the tree.

    • I agree with you but not much you can do about it when there are no buyers. The earnings report would be a key event...

    • I tried writing to investor relations. They did write back, but only told me to listen to the earnings report on March 13th.

      Man, today is a very bleak day for this company.

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      • jabergmann66 Apr 2, 2013 4:56 PM Flag

        I have attempted to WARN the longs as a PUBLIC SERVICE concerning this company! IF you are holding this stock, I feel you are going to be DISAPOINTED, WHY? The earning for this year are going DOWN, the value of their basic commodity is going down. Less profit margin and COSTS are rising. Under $30 (I am being generous) for Silver is a breakeven point, then comes the losses. Silver is now UNDER $28 and my estimate is $19-21 range this yearfor spot silver. Deflation is a EVEN bet vs. Inflation 2013-14. Japan had 10 years of deflation and still can't get out of the deflation spiral. Buy out NO! Better companies to buy! Cash will be gone by year end 2013. That could mean BANKRUPT???? IF you are going to stay the course IT'S going to be a long road back. Forget the DUMMY, just consider YOUR own position and act what is in the BEST interests for yourself! If you could find PUTS at one year strike $1.00, buy them. Short ??? Find the stock at what price???? The sensenceable approach, GET OUT AND TAKE THE LOSS and find another vehicle! I have been playing with DUST in 300-500 share trasdes last 500 long at $51 and holding, as of tonigh! Target is $60???? NUGT may be a trade, LONG ??? Timing! The Old Man

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • The little piggy shorts will get roasted.

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