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    • Hey scratch, because of the 50% ownership of KBL,
      you can essentially buy the rest of their business'
      for free. FLO management knows that it has to do
      something to unlock the value of Mrs. Smiths and the
      breads. Just have to give them a little time. I have no
      problem buying KBL for the pure play I just think you can
      buy it cheaper through FLO. As far as Coke goes,
      those boys are losing serious pricing power, not much
      more untapped mkts left out there and all kinds of new
      Why do you think Buffett had such a crappy
      year? The man owned too much Coke and Gillette.

    • The Kroger Memphis deal didn't really help much
      because of one extremely important reason: MRS. SMITH'S.
      The 4th quarter is going to be THE quarter to get
      EVERYTHING at Mrs. Smith's on track for 2000.

    • I'm sure you understand that PE is a ratio of
      price divided by earnings. In mathematics jargon (my BS
      is showing, ha), the "P" is referred to as the
      dividend and the "E" is called the divisor,
      with the
      resulting value called the quotient. If there's a
      short-term reduction in earnings, the divisor shrinks
      commensurately, and, as in FLO's case, produces a large quotient.
      Also, don't forget that trailing PE's can mushroom due
      to short-term losses; FLO's forward PE is what's
      important considering the current losses at Mrs. Smith's.
      Next year WILL be much different; Mr. Amos McMullian
      is hinting of vast improvements during the upcoming
      4th quarter.

    • If the stock is so good and undervalued - then
      why is the PE so high - I stay away from internet
      stocks because of the same reason - yeah eventually the
      stock will come back up - S L O W L Y - too slow there
      are so many others that will rise quicker - look at
      keebler - buy it instead the PE is alot better and it
      continues to rise - if your into food stocks - if not then
      buy coke it will rise also - but alot faster

    • I rely on you and Brick to keep me up to date. How come the Kroger deal didn't generate more interest? Glad to see the rise today. Wish I had more to invest right now. I'd buy. Long in Tall

    • oakraiders98 I feel for you in respect that
      things haven't been throughly explained to you. What
      area are you operating out of? You will be given
      credit for all AUTHORIZED charge accts. Settlement
      statements show the credits for charge accts. UNAUTHORIZED
      charge accts. are the responsibilty of the distributor
      to collect, usually collected at weeks end
      Saturday.Hopes this helps.Good luck in the future!

    • I'm hoping that the increased dividend is a true
      indication they feel that evrything will be OK soon, and not
      just hype to keep investors from bailing more than
      they already have. The Kroger deal will help sales
      long term. I can accept the Mrs. Smith's explantions,
      to a point. The debt IS starting to worry me. At
      this point I'd rather they used that extra .0025 to
      pay it down a bit.
      This isn't the first time FLO
      has gone through problems. I became interested, and
      started buying in, a few years ago when they seemed to
      have put their problems behind them.
      For now, I'm
      remaining hopefully positive; just bought some more.

    • I'm really getting the message from McMullian
      that the 4th quarter is going to be their turnaround
      quarter; and, judging from this most recent dividend
      increase, management is sending us
      investors a glimmer
      of hope. Let's hope for positive momentum over the
      next three months.

    • as a distributor how will we get paid?like always? When they sign the ticket we get paid, know how will this work and how can you keep up with it?

    • and not to mention the tatics of bogus quarterly
      earnings reports ,have me holding firm on my belief that
      this ones not seen the bottom yet. I'll move after the
      word comes from the inside that Mrs.Smith is finally
      ready for full production start-up, also the acqusition
      of another companys bakery operations has me
      wondering about the liablities there also.FLO already has
      ,according to reports,6oo million worth of debt!

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