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  • corey_williams1994 corey_williams1994 Jul 22, 2014 2:50 PM Flag

    IntelliPharmaCeutics: We See No Reason To Be Long On Shares, Says Maxim

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    • there is no reason to believe ipci can even garner 1/2 of 1% of the markets they are going into after seeing the disastrous sales of focalin

      and resista, which is just another attempt at a toothpaste approach, is years away and would cost millions ipci does not have to get through the FDA (remember, consensus here is that the $100 million shelf is for manufacturing facilities) and by that time there will be better abuse resistance products already on the market

      their generics are truly little druglettes in terms of revenues and rexista is a pipe dream to keep hopes alive -- just like the suicide prevention pill

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      • If IPCI would ever publish their month by month SALES it would be Very Clear they are Losing Market Share which was an exclusive 180 day Nobody but IPCI on the 15 MG dose & sharing on the 30 MG dose with Mylan !!! Too Bad for IPCI & NOW Mindless Pumpers know what to EXPECT when another miracle were to ever happen again .... BLOWN Oppurtunity !!!!! OMG !!! That was their chance !!! Now the Yellow Shoed Nigerian CEO has his sights set on " Easier Pickins " ...... Share Holders WALLETS Thru DILUTION !!!! Its Only $ 100 MILLION a mere drop in the bucket for Share Holders HERE !!!!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I wonder if the guy who write that is another alias of Meifud and Gregory? LOL at least they ranked him. his own ranking discredits anything he has to say

    • Jason Kolbert who wrote the article has a 50% success rate, so feel free to flip a coin instead of reading his out of his depth analysis. When he says "We see no reason to be long" is he referring to his dog, cat or parakeet? Tthere's no way to know.who "We" is. In the same article it mentions that he has a 5.6% rate of return. Odidi wouldn't give hime the time of day. He has a $3 price target which is at least 10% upside from here, that's better than his 5.6% average, so he's unknowingly recommending the stock here as his best pick.

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