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  • curse_fred_c_dobbs curse_fred_c_dobbs Dec 7, 2002 10:06 AM Flag

    World currency

    The U.S. Dollar has been chosen by the world as the World Currency. How else can you explain the unrelenting advance of the U.S. Dollar against all world currencies.

    Russia, South America, Central America have all given up on trying to have their own currency, they just use the U.S. Dollar. Canada will be next.

    This creates a never ending demand for the U.S. Dollar.

    Story in today's Barron's says that deflation is a good thing.

    Deflation is unavoidable in the U.S., when the whole world wants your currency.

    Invest in America, Invest in the U.S. Dollar


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    • the USD has been suppreme. That is "HAS BEEN". Doubtful in the future. Nations that locked into our currency ie:Argentena learned they became puppets of the USA.

      Probably, the future brings all fiat currencies cranking up the press, Arab world collecting at least some of their oil money in other currencies---these are most likely to occur.

      Best of luck, if you beleive the line you wrote and invest accordingly.

      I've been a full time speculator seventeen years now, the last two and a half years gold kept me in double digit black. Have not seen any other industry do that.

    • All true but you left out one very important fact. The world is slowly awakening to the fact that there is an alternative to the dollar. That alternative is Gold. As the price contiunes to creep higher, more and more people will take notice.

      After all what would you rather have, a piece of paper backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. (now remember these are the bozos who have no fiscal responsibility and have run up trillions of debt and are standing by while the country continues to burn) or an ounce of Gold?

      Keeping in mind the significence of what full faith and credit means. Full faith and credit means little when in fact the U.S. has blatently defaulted upon its "full faith and credit" when Nixon took the u.s. off the Gold standard. A dollar was a promise from the U.S. goverment that it could be redeemed for Gold. That promise was suddenly broken in 1972. In addition in the 1930's Americans who did not turn in their Gold were suddenly considered criminals. The rules change at the whim of the government.

      The point is "Full faith and credit of the u.s." means absalutely nothing. Who in their right mind would enter into a financial agreement with someone who has proven to be untrustworthy? Anyone who would trust the government with their track record is a FOOL!

      Ofcourse I could by lying about all this becasue I am after all "a friend of dorothy" and have entered CTs contests numerous times.

    • Well, it's not unpatriotic to invest in gold, and we love our country, and think the paper dollar fiasco is unpatriotic and detrimental to our economic health.

      So. You're telling us how to invest patriotically... as the mayor of Push, NV, you said you own a cat-house, right? Don't get me wrong, I don't think that's UNpatriotic but... is investing in trailer home stocks patriotic?


    • <Invest in America, Invest in the U.S. Dollar>

      Problem is, there is nothing American about the FRN. Just take a look at the US Constitution. After that, take your BS somewhere else where it will sell. It won't sell on these boards.

    • We don't have deflation.
      We have inflation.

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