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  • barrixisrooted2000 barrixisrooted2000 Jan 26, 2004 9:21 PM Flag

    USA owes BUNDESBANK 1700 tonnes???

    This may explain recent pog weakness

    From tonights Midas commentary

    What's got my head in a spin this week is Cheney's trip-not to Davos but to see the Pope. The White House is trying to spin this as him being a 'military historian'. I think he's goin to do a little bit of old fashioned confession-and beg for gold. I mentioned to you in my last note 1,700 tonnes of Bundesbank Gold (deliverable-24 carat) at West Point that I feel there is a body of documentation suggesting a swap-for SDR's. I told you I think the Germans have requested this gold shipped back-specifically due to their recently 'poisoned' relationship with the U.S. in conjunction with the untenable situation regarding deficits, maturing Washington Accord, the Blanchard Case and the Iraq war-a perfect storm. My best guess is that the Americans swapped and subsequently sold this gold (would have had to have been deliverable to sell physical on Comex) when the Tech bubble was 'deflating' post 2000 to support and prevent a run on the dollar. American reserves while plentiful are not deliverable-virtually all 22 carat. Reclassification of U.S. gold reserves at this time go a long way to explaining this-custodial gold explaining the swap and deep gold to cover their tracks and confuse. O'Neill as Treas. secretary was fired right about the time the treasury posted lies on their web site-refuting that they had swapped or directly intervened in the physical market. O'Neill is a patriot and would no doubt support clandestine ops to defend the currency (republic) but posting blatant lies under the auspices of his dept. (treasury) would not have gone over well with him at all. Read his biography-he cannot tell a lie. Interestingly, the most salient point I take from his book is that the Bush admin. is marching to their own agenda. As a result Cheney fired him-fact.

    If you're with me so far there is a swap outstanding-almost assuredly backed by SDR's-explaining funny accounting in the U.S.'s IMF account. I read in one of your Midas commentaries from a European source that American sources were combing the globe trying to buy 'gold'. This would be consistent with the U.S. trying to replace German gold already sold that they need to replace. 1,700 tonnes being such a large amount-there's only a few places on earth that you would even consider looking-Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy or the Vatican. The Fed's relationship as a gold agent for the Vatican is chronicled in numerous published letters from the head of the Vatican Bank and Paul Volker Oct. 6, 1975. Go to for the supporting signed text. These revelations only came to light as a result of sexual abuse cases involving clergy-and a sharp California law firm's research into the ability of the Vatican to pay damages. In this documentation it is clearly revealed that Chase was the Vatican's banker during the second world war and the Fed either assisted or acted as the Vatican's agent in gold transactions from the 50's onward.

    My best guess is that the price of gold is being suppressed until the U.S. covers this short. I think they are suppressing the price until they conclude their purchase. If Cheney is successful in the next few days, my spider senses are tellin me the cartel isn't going to be capping the prices much longer-maybe next week the game ends? If you sit back and think about it, the pieces fit together really well. Just wanna be on the record.

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