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  • zeno451 zeno451 Jan 27, 2004 4:10 PM Flag


    New York Times: Kay denies evidence of moved Iraqi unconventional weapons to Syria; or WMD in Iraq
    Iraq-USA, Politics, 1/27/2004

    The former Chief of the Committee for hunt for the alleged Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, David Kay, denied any the existence of proof that Iraq had moved unconventional weapons into Syria.

    In an interview with New York Times published simultaneously by British " Financial Times " on Monday, Kay said that the allegations of some US administration's officials have no real proof.

    "Iraq was totally free of weapons of mass destruction at the beginning of 1999 year, that is to say, four years before launching the US war on Iraq under the pretext of its possession of the said weapons," Kay added.
    Don't have time to read his tirade about getting caught fessing up to CL on their shared attachment to manic depressive girlfriends. Unfortunately he read replied to CL before he read my repost. I wonder how he'll tap dance past this danny KAY comment on Syria not receiving the WMDs from Iraq. NYT is a leftist rag huh. Wrap it around your head along with your tin foil helmet.

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    • <<I enjoy the ambiance and reflective culture that this message board provides .>>


    • <<Bush's spending has been a disapointment>>

      Ah whites, finally six words from you that makes sense. Now convert that into a thought about the GOLD markets and you will be off and running.

      PS Watch that spelling or connie may remind you of the importance of such things.

    • "Now I know you are a republican operative ."

      Ha Ha! Dem Sen. Zell Miller is voting and campaigning for GW... Does that make Georgia`s popular, former 2 term Governor, college professor, former Marine, author of 6 books and a Dem party member for 40 years, also a Republican "operative"???? He just thinks GW is the best man for the job and has known him and the other pols for a long time.

      I voted Libertarian last presidential election and only in the last few years due to reading the lies in the press about GW and the facts about the lefties and islamics, have I decided to vote for GW.

      "Your detailed factual rant proves it.. Same with citing facts , easily manipulated ."

      I noticed that you didn`t contest ONE FACT in the article, assuming you even read it.

      IF you`re interested enough to a slight bit of WORK, check out A.N.S.W.E.R. who was behind many of the demonstrations here. Then do a web search for their writings. Hidden in plain sight...

      You can choose to drift around in la la land...

    • Now I know you are a republican operative . Your detailed factual rant proves it . "figures can lie and liars can figure" is a precept of accounting and securities analysis . Same with citing facts , easily manipulated .

    • "You {commieZ}and the 200 year old stallion {??ricklenov} are obviously clashing over the leadership of the board . I`m rooting for the democrat"

      "leadership" of the board is not even on my radar. ANY of the islamacommies I "clash" with here only is due to their BS agenda here. Notice WHO STARTS the threads??

      If you`re not aware of the islamacommie agenda this article by an Iranian journalist will give you a good start. Notice the quote on the war they`re against is the war on terrorism. They never cooked up any big demonstrations that I saw, against militant islam`s war on democracies worldwide and no demonstrations from the lefties on al qaeda`s campaign of murder across the globe. Just massive demonstrations against GW for getting 50 nations together to free the iraqis from genocide, WMD and warmongering. THAT STINKS!!!!

      "The demonstration is organized by a shadowy group called "Stop the War Coalition," part of the Hate-America-International, which has orchestrated a number of street "events" in support of the Taliban and the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein since 2001.
      The aim of the coalition is simple: to stop the war currently declared by the United States and its allies against 'terrorism.'"
      "Our objective is to force the U.S. out of Iraq and Afghanistan."

      But what if a U.S. withdrawal means the return of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein?

      "Anything would be better than American Imperialist rule," she snapped back"

      The coalition has a steering committee of 33 members. Of these, 18 come from various hard left groups: Communists, Trotskyites, Maoists, and Castrists. Three others belong to the radical wing of the Labour party. There are also eight radical Islamists. The remaining four are leftist ecologists known as "Watermelons" (Green outside, red inside).

      The chairman of the coalition is one Andrew Murray, a former employee of the Soviet Novosty Agency and leader in the British Communist party. Cochair is Muhammad Asalm Ijaz of the London Council of Mosques. Members include John Rees of the Socialist Workers' party and Ghayassudin Siddiqui of the Muslim Parliament. Tanja Salem of the Al-awdah (The Return) group, an outfit close to Yasser Arafat, is also a member along with Shahedah Vawda of "Just Peace," another militant Arab group, and Wolf Wayne of the "Green Socialist Network."


    • Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy .-lonestarhog
      I liked this line the best.

    • Zeno you are a man of great patience and kindness to indulge this 200 year old male from the hinterlands .I suspect he added a zero to his age .Republican operatives are devious that way .He obviously has a political agenda ,but who doesn`t .Since chart studying and analysis of fundamentals are only tolerable for so long before one needs recreational time I enjoy the ambiance and reflective culture that this message board provides . You and the 200 year old stallion are obviously clashing over the leadership of the board . I`m rooting for the democrat , but I appreciate the entertainment that all provide. There are a lot of good postings on this board , serious and entertaining . Lonestar hogs posting today on wives was the best .This is a good board with a lot of neat people , I admire you all for at least giving it a go and trying to be the best you can be . There really is something special about gold bugs . I like em !!

    • "I supported Powell Zinni Shinski and the real bedrock conservatives."

      So then this list of "watermelon" lefty sites {green on the outside, RED ON THE INSIDE} posted by zeno of YOUR favorite lety sites IS?????

      OT/Check Em Out
      by: zeno451 (54/M) 08/29/03 08:31 pm
      Msg: 283204 of 332300

      Almost all of these operations are incredibly valuable to those who read them, Jeff at, Edna at Earth Heal, Jean at the Earth Rainbow Network, Peter at, Mark at

      Face it commieZ, your act is wearing thin!

      "by: zeno451 (54/M) 01/16/04 03:15 am
      Msg: 327609 of 332272

      I feel like a GB7 clone here.(heh heh) Don't block the intuition just complete the circle jerk."

    • You're a goofball and a hypocrite whites. I supported Powell Zinni Shinski and the real bedrock conservatives. The neo cons are assholes

    • "rick your editing looks familiar"

      I`m not surprised you recognize your own post there circlejerk zeno.

      "by: zeno451 (54/M) 01/16/04 03:15 am
      Msg: 327609 of 332272

      I feel like a GB7 clone here.(heh heh) Don't block the intuition just complete the circle jerk."

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