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  • yahoo yahoo May 4, 2005 11:08 PM Flag

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    • As I indicated, gold heading back towards $16.
      Gold is only a short-term play. But very predictable.
      I would not short NEM below $19, as you
      suggested..but I will anytime over $20.

      I look forward to
      buying back NEM in $16's.

      You should take
      advantage of rallies to take profits.

    • I guess GS just went long on gold....

    • ``I do not think the United States should sell
      its gold for a whole host of reasons.''

      reason is that gold still represents the ultimate form
      of payment in the world,'' he said. ``Gold is always
      accepted ... and is perceived to be an element of
      stability in the currency and in the ultimate value of a

    • So, please gather up all of the worthless yellow
      metal you have around the house - wifey's chains,
      rings, etc. - and send it to me! I will pay the postage
      and help you get rid of it.

      Gold is the only
      exchange vehicle that has been used for commerce
      consistantly for over 5000 years. Your arrogant condemnation
      of gold is typical of current thinking in the
      marketplace - any concept that wasn't invented in the last
      few years is obsolete. Paper money is a useful tool
      in the modern world - but put it in perspective -
      have you ever read about what happened to Deutch Marcs
      in the 30's????

      Just read today's news - even
      one of gold's greatest enemies, Robert Rubin,
      admitted that it is the only reserve instrument that is
      guaranteed to be accepted anywhere in the world.

    • to punish myself for not having bought yesterday
      at a better
      price, I bought today @ $19 3/8, I'm
      using my profits from WAG.
      At least I'm shoting for
      $20 1/2, if that does not work, I'm
      willing to
      double at around $17. One thing is evident here,
      won't stay put, I like volatility.

    • I sold it at 19.50 today. RobberB was right.
      am 100% in cash. Maybe I should buy oil and oil
      Please signal if it is time to buy NEM. Did they mention
      18, or 17?

      Thank you again.

    • Are you crazy! This stock is going to drop to the
      $8-$9 range. Gold is plummeting! Who needs gold
      anymore? Most countries are getting rid of this stuff
      about as fast as I got rid of my disco albums in the
      late 70's. It is a useless commodity, some shiny stuff
      someone said had some value a thousand years ago. You
      heard it here first.... Gold prices will drop,
      companies will cut back or sell. Get your resume ready!
      This stock belongs on my tiolet paper roll in the
      guest bathroom (Notice, I doesn't even deserve the
      master bedroom.) Nothing but tough times ahead!

    • Haven't seen gold this low since last August. I
      am neither long nor short now. Gold has plunged hard
      and fast the past couple of weeks. I almost bought a
      few thou yesterday when it sank to 18 1/4. Usually
      when something plunged this fast there is a rebound.

      I am surprised that NEM is still at 18 7/8 last
      time gold was this low NEM was trading at 14. If gold
      dips to $265 in the next couple of weeks I will go
      long on some gold stocks. NEM,AEM, and maybe a dash of

    • I missed buying in the last time at 16 3/4 ( sat
      at my desk and just looked at it). but I did go
      short at 23 when the CB's announced sales over the next
      three years. Probably won't cover now until it peuks
      and dips into the low teens (watch the 10week MA)Be
      carefull buying on dips but good luck.
      Check USA today(5/20) (front page of
      Moneyline)...lowest price of gold since 1979....hmmm

    • Was it your short covering which caused the
      massive turn around in gold stocks? Nice of you to show
      up by the way now that gold is struggling, but you
      seem to be good luck (witness the rally!) I know gold
      offers no great growth prospects long-term, but with it
      at 20 year lows, underowned by mutual funds, (what
      IF Fidelity Magellen put 5% in gold stocks as a
      hedge?),something that wouldn't surprise me given the managers
      Stansky's comment last week about the stock market being
      overvalued; inflation and Asia coming back, wars, Y2K hype,
      record gold sales, and CNBC and gold execs talking
      publicly about gold's price being manipulated, if you hate
      gold, stay out, but I think losers short it here!!

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