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  • yahoo yahoo May 5, 2005 1:32 AM Flag

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    • I disagree. It is a part of a master plan by Japan and China to contol the world. If they end up holding all our debt, they will control us, they will control the world.
      What happens to all these dollars that Japan buys? Much of it goes into buying US Treasury bonds -- which is what's holding up the bonds. What about the currency risk in the bonds? That's a risk that both Japan and China are willing to take -- to keep the game going.

    • Japan will be buying gold next week !!!!

    • It was just a matter of time. Gold Bugs will now worship the only true God!


    • not good!

      The god of gold is GOD,,,you moron!

      There is only one God, and that is God.

    • The $64,000 question is:

      For all of that intervention, how much corporate profit did the Japanese gov't buy???

      In other words, what was the net gain from the intervention??? WAS IT WORTH IT?

      By my calculations, in January they spent $67 BILLION to buy $8.5 Billion in profits.

      As follows: Est. 2003 GDP = 4.06 Trillion / 12 mos = 338 Billion/mo GDP. If profits = 2.5% of GDP, then profits in Jan. = $ 8.5 Billion.

      NOW Even if profits are 10% of GDP, or 33 billion, is it really worth it to spend $67 billion to support that ?


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      • Export earnings no matter the cost prevent the intertwined keiritsu conglomorates from setting of a chain of bankruptcies. The banks would be the first victim of the tsunami of bankruptices. THE JAPANESE SAVERS WOULD BE THE NEXT VICTIM. That in a nutshell is the explanation for why their debt bubble could never be dealt with. The fear of wiping out trillions of $$$ equivalents in Japanese personal savings. Now the Japanese are being left holding the bag as everyone else is abandoning the dollar. They are looking at expenditures off upwards of $67 billion by 12 months to continue propping the $$$ up and they can't affford it. Their gold buying gambit last week was a scream for attention and they focused in on something that would send panic through their confederates in the Central Banks.

      • "NOW Even if profits are 10% of GDP, or 33 billion, is it really worth it to spend $67 billion to support that ?

        Add in more stuff!!!!

        Assuming they bought US Treasuries. They have interest payments coming in big time over the years. Lessened of course by the dollars drop but still considerable. PLUS they are borrowing at a small fraction of what they are getting from their US bonds. SO it`s not as insane as one would imagine considering how publicly unpopular and politically suicidal most of the other ways to repair their banks balance sheets are.


        Ask yourself two questions. What are they spending?? Who are they???

      • I wonder if they are hedging this intervention in some way???
        It certainly looks like a terrible waste on the surface. The intervention, though massive,is not even achieving the desired result as the value of the yen continues to rise.I wonder who is on the other side of this trade ...I mean the BIG players???
        I would think Japan is under some pressure from the US to buy Tresuries in order to continue selling their products in our marketplace.I would think no one but a government would have pockets deep enough to do what Japan is doing in the currency market...

    • Amen to those sentiments . The gold market appears to have corrected and put in a climactic bottom last thursday .Cyclical unfoldment indicates a senior sector correction beginning monday that will culminate feb. 20 . Gold bugs are in the drivers seat for the next 3 weeks in my opinion .

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