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  • henhousehero henhousehero Jul 26, 2012 6:11 PM Flag

    NEM shareholders learn the same lesson over and over

    Gold mining profits go to mining execs with the help of crooked EPA ...shareholders of gold stocks are second only to airline stockholders at being the biggest losers in the last 50 years

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    • the shareholder end up holding the bag, while the ceo going out for to make the disco dancing. the shareholder must to be careful no to leave handbag lying around or the ceo take shat in your handbag.

    • The whisper number is 97 cents.

      Or was.

      I never thought about this before, but if the analysts who cover these companies could be this far off in their estimates, just what do they base a whisper number on then, eh?

      And these guys, no doubt respected in their field couldn't even come close in their projections covering a lousy three months in the company's operations.

      Now match these market professionals against the estimated cost of obummacare given to us by political hacks who are unlikely to have even read the bill and which they have no personal stake in themselves since they've decided to keep their own health insurance just the way it is, thank you very much.

      So, to even you most devoted lefties who absolutely adore obumma reid pelosi boxer fwank and the rest, and love big government and will gladly vote to make it even bigger.... Really, does it make you trust their figures enough to wanna hear their whisper number?

    • History Engineers do not need to work

      We are in demand so we can work if we want to but we do not need to work because we own a corporation. All by ourself. Why? Because we study the future and google math problems and investment blogs. It's not easy being a successful history engineer, but I have been called to do it.

    • NEM was in the low 40s 8 years ago, management delivers only for itself, all others get the shaft.

    • yep. and i doubt high gold prices will help them out. the higher it goes, the more likely for nationalization. this is a catch 22, i think.

    • Your correct. Every government looks at these gold mining stocks as cash hordes to be raided either through taxing or regulations.

      I think the management of the miners are getting smarter and are just willing to curtail production and let the price of the metals go higher. When orders for new mining equipment and mining jobs go bye bye, and the fees/penalties/payoffs stop on new mine development, let's see what the bureaucrats and politicians do.

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