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  • der_schpountz der_schpountz Mar 4, 2013 6:20 AM Flag

    Downsizing 'Merica.

    Experts estimate so-called budget sequestration could cost the country about 700,000 jobs, but Wall Street doesn’t expect the cuts to substantially alter corporate profits or threaten stock markets.

    As for American workers, LET THEM EAT CAKE.

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    • You`re right on the money about the Down Sizing of Amexica. Soon we won`t even be able to afford Cake.It`s all about Power and the Control of the Population by taking away all their Wealth. The next thing tto go is hope., and thats what Both Republicans and Democrats are working toward behind the scenes. No one has less power than the poor and thats their ultimate goal. Congress and the Senate have been so corruped and beholding to their Masters that finance their election campaigns that they hsave nothing to offer the American Population but Lip Service and promises that they NEVER deliver on. Our Trusted Servants set us up like Bowling Pins and the Power Brokers throw Strikes all day everyday. If you think the condition of the Majority of America is an acciident, Guess again.They are working hard to push all states toward becoming Right to Work States which is Great for everyone EXCEPT the Employees. The Population as a whole is being FLEECED DAILY, LIED TO CONSTANTLY, AND SPIED ON TWENTY FOUR HOURS A DAY. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over. The Land of the Lost and the Home of the Slave is what we have in store for us.

    • I got yur Job Creators RIGHT HERE.

      Rich Americans have seen their personal wealth grow since the financial crisis and Great Recession ended. Central banks’ cheap-money campaigns to revive growth and support the financial system have allowed corporate profits and world stock markets to recover, while productivity-obsessed and risk-averse corporate leaders resist hiring and investing too aggressively. As companies continue to hoard cash, wages have stagnated to the point that labor income as a proportion of company earnings is near an all-time low.

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