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  • lyle_in_control lyle_in_control Mar 14, 2013 8:59 PM Flag

    I have a plan.

    I have an idea! Lets move the border fence back inland a few miles and turn the space between the border and the fence into a no mans land. right at the border we put up signs in English and Spanish that say: entering into US Territory. DANGER: Minefield and automated turrets and drones! Any and All moving things will be SHOT by soulless machines! Then fill the no-mans-land with mines, automated motion turrets and overhead drones. Don't want to get shot, don't illegally enter into a foreign country!

    The fence itself will be electrified with a moat in front of it. The moat is filled with poisoned spikes. On the other side will be randomly automatically repositioning artillery pieces that fire into the no mans land periodically. Towers armed with automated infrared motion activated long range sniper rifles will be placed along the fence.

    If a Mexican wants to legally immigrate to the US we will have a sign placed underneath the Danger sign that shows a map pointing to the nearest border crossing where they may apply for legal entry.

    There we go! Now the border guards don't have as much work to do!

    And you bleeding heart liberals who complain that illegal undocumented immigrants are people to, and about how our ancestors came over as immigrants at one point... YOUR RIGHT! I have a little tiny bit of Native American blood (my great great grandfather or something), but the majority of my ancestors came from Europe in the early 1900's. The difference is they came through the front door LEGALLY. If people want to come to the USA from Mexico I have no problem with that but they need to go stand in line like everybody else! What makes the border hoppers better than my ancestors? Why did my ancestors have to do it the right, legal way but modern day illegals can just jump the fence?

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