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  • forwardflash forwardflash Mar 24, 2013 10:45 PM Flag

    Prepare to pay six bucks for a gallon of gas

    also prepare for the multinational companies and their right wing parrots onslaught of lies about, its all the environmentalists fault.

    "Some people understand and some never will. Many politicians and media personalities such as Bill O’Reilly are screaming at the world wondering why U.S. gas prices are so high. From their prism, U.S. oil production is up and the U.S. market is flooded with crude oil. They ask, why is the price so high? What they don’t understand is that there happens to be an additional 7 billion or so people on the planet that we need to compete with for scarce resources such as crude oil.

    Neither the U.S. consumer nor OPEC really determines global oil prices any longer. The Chinese market has been determining market prices for oil for several years now and going forward it will be this market that dominates the price determination of crude oil. After all, Saudi Arabia’s largest customer is no longer the United States but China. And China is just getting warmed up."

    There is a way around this, nationalize America's non-renewable resources.

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    • I hope it comes before the 2014 elections. Oh, by the way, your solar panels are notorious for leaking during rain showers and storms.

    • Six dollars a gallon would be in line with inflation since the 1950s. We are the ones who are driving bigger and bigger vehicles. People should buy fuel efficient vehicles, live in town and ride their bikes.

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      • d_c - I can agree with most of that, except since the 80's US wages hasn't kept up with inflation, many of today's lower wage consumers are paying more for gasoline today than they would have in the 50's. At the prices today there is demand destruction, many American's are driving more fuel economy vehicles and car pooling. Many have given up on owning a car all together, because of the costs of auto insurance, licensing, vehicle maintenance, and fuel prices. Because of that demand for transportation fuels in the US is dropping even as the population increases. The number one US export is fuels. That fact makes the RUSHBo's, glen peccary's, saun hannities and their Parrots rants about not enough refining capacity in the US, because of environmentalist opposition to them smell like the BS it is. Time to do something about burning food in our cars also. Corn ethanol is just another corporate welfare program passed with snake oil rhetoric intended to make it look like it was a good thing for the US in general..

    • In the year 2001, the total world demand for vehicles was only 56 million units. Since the year 2001, China has sold and produced over 100 million cars. Unlike U.S. production, these vehicles are not replacing scrapped vehicles. These vehicles represent new demand with new drivers who are buying their first gallon of gas.

      When will the H00ker_Boob purchase its first American made Tesla? Probably never, it hates Americans so bad it would rather ride a Communist made scooter.

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