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  • goldbubble99 goldbubble99 Jun 18, 2013 8:19 PM Flag

    Oh My, Liberals & Corporatists Block Border Fence Amendment

    "Gang of Eight" didn't like it and it was only 700 miles on 1800 mile border, lol. Even a partial fence violates the Open Borders ideology. I guess we have to be satisfied with G W Bush's "virtual fence" lol. Suckers

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    • Why are all of you so CLUELESS. The government is run by big businesses, who are the only ones who have any standing. This information has been out there for years and obvious to anyone who has their eyes open.

      Here’s a suggestion for the CLUELESS. Take your TV, and possibly even your radio, and put them on the curb for trash pickup, or remain a blithering idiot of a puppet, because if you think the current discussions on immigration are put forth by CLUELESS politicians you are watching/listening to news that is masking the overriding influence of “money” arriving into the political arena in a quest for cheap labor. The Internet is the only remaining place for some semblance of the truth if you can recognize it as such. But if you do recognize it just be aware that the NSA knows about it and at some future date has a plan to confine all those who are troublesome to their agenda.

      You are also CLUELESS if you think that we live any longer in a Republic that respects its Constitution and a government by the People. Don’t be in denial. We shouldn’t even be discussing this issue because it shouldn’t exist.

      On the national news it was reported that LA control freak politicians have now banned plastic bags in markets. Also reported was the fact that those who supported the ban were any businesses that were impacted by the law. Why didn’t they protest and put a stop to it? Because HALF of what was taken from the consumer, that must now pay for bags, will go into the pockets of food supermarkets. See how that works?

      Are you awake now?

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      • When it comes to immigration the rule of law has simply been allowed to collapsed due to lack of enforcement , with a wink and a nod from America's elites of course. This is part of the "big con" that American needs immigration reform and their amnesty bill in drag is the solution. Truly an impeachable/criminal act, but in a rigged two party system who's left to bring the charge of dereliction of duty and fraud?

    • Open borders with this crowd isn't an ideology so much as a practical means to an end (of America... actually). With the neocommmies it supports their power grab goal of a one party authoritarian system with them running our lives in perpetuity, and with the repubs and many of the dems (like bubba who was a tap dancing puppet for tyson chicken) it's cheap labor for their greed trumps patriotism every time corporate fat cat #$%$ sucking financial backers.

      What galls of course is that these rats will ram this through if they can while ignoring every poll with the added tranparent insult of actually claiming we "want" this shyte.
      When fact is we don't even want *them*.

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      • I just do not understand this whole mess we are in today ….when I emigrated to the US….legally that is… the requirements where rather high, both physical and even mental examination where required before the US would even think to consider you as an immigrant.

        One was required to be able to speak and read English and had to be able to understand how government worked….the separation of power etc….and those law rules and regulation where enforced…period

        All that changed under President Johnson…a real liberal whacko. Since then all has fallen to pieces

    • Always said I wouldn't mind a virtual fence if it was okay with the open borders crowd if I paid virtual taxes.

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