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  • hacker_boob hacker_boob Jul 7, 2013 10:11 AM Flag

    ff's logic

    Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured . . ., but not everyone must prove they are a citizen.

    And now, any of those who refuse or are unable to prove they are citizens will receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance because they are citizens.

    Lib loons are insane, ya know.

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    • I live in a southern hemisphere country and let me tell you, everyone here thinks the the USA is being run by idiots. And I can't argue with them. The USA should adopt the immigration laws of Mexico and the other Latin American countries and then watchem scream racisim. You cross the border here and drop a kid and you'll get a birth cert and a bus ticket out of the country. NO friggin passport for breaking the law. Yep, being run by idiots who are buying votes at our expense.
      An old gringo who cannot afford to live in my own country anymore.

    • The Open Borders Policy is a bi-partisan project. Bush jr. was just out yesterday advocating amnesty, the Republican governor of Nevada just authorized drivers licences for illegals. Corporatists are lying dogs, ya know.

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