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  • forwardflash forwardflash Oct 30, 2013 1:22 AM Flag

    The H00ker_Stupid would rather keep this kind of medical insurance then switch. Good thing most don't think like it.

    "Some commenters, mainly of the right-wing and firebreathing variety, mischaracterized the situation as evidence of flaws in "Obamacare." They almost universally ignored the appalling level of coverage offered by McDonald's "mini-med" insurance plan.

    "This is radically inferior coverage," says Alan Sager, professor of health policy and management at Boston University. "It's unacceptably inadequate."

    The most affordable plan at McDonald's charges hourly workers about $14 a week, which comes to $727.48 annually. In return, they get $2,000 worth of coverage per year. If they step on a nail or come down with the flu, they might be covered, but the costs paid by the insurer may not even equal their premiums. If they are diagnosed with cancer, or even appendicitis, they are as vulnerable as someone with no insurance at all.

    The "best" plan of the bunch costs $1,680 a year and caps benefits at $10,000. But for outpatient treatment (which often means the emergency room), benefits are capped at $2,000. A trip to the emergency room can zoom past that level in a matter of minutes."

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    • And what about that Obamacare $7500 deductable I read about lately? Makes Micky D look a bit better and Obamacare premiums more like a charitable contribution. When the economic music courtesy of the fed stops, the economy will not have many chairs and tax revenues will crater. At that time what cannot be paid will not be paid and the insurance contract you have with your good uncle Sam will have less coverage and cost more, but unlike private insurance, you will not be able to opt out, as those pesky opt out fines will also escalate. So much for freedom.

      Obamacare was never about healthcare, healthcare was the means by which Democrats could impliment another wealth redistribution scheme (yes, democrats as the bill did not get a single republican vote). Bankers and the fed, owned by bankers and not a federalagency, have stolen wealth from the poor and middle class by diluting the dollar's value and then screw them again with increasing (progressive) tax brackets. The afordable care act will be riddled with corruption until it collapses of its own weight.

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      • As usual the Fox News(?) parrots don't know what they talk about. Check out R. Olympia Snowe vote on the ACA, and the reasons why she chose not to run for office again. And there is more than one insurance policy available through Obamacare. But, nothing can make the McDonald health insurance good, both plans are a total rip off, and any sensible person would know that. What is stopping the economical recovery is the filibuster happy Senate, and the House Hastert rule that prevented D. tax incentives for US jobs bills from being brought to the floor for a bipartisan vote. The R. are scared to death that the economy will recover under a D. POTUS, and are doing everything they can to prevent that, while attempting to blame the D. for the R. financial created messes. To bad for them the price of fuels will help the economy recover in spite of them. Yeah, I know according to you R. doomsayers the US economy is gong to crash any day now. If you and your fellow believers would hold your breath until that happens, that would solve most of our problems. Constituents of the R. party have been reduced to the stupid and the rich.

    • "then" switch.

      typical desperate alibiing shamelessly stupid embarrassingly obtuse, stubbornly sticking like feckless children to a failed ideology with a following of brain dead chumps goggle eyed gullible twits parasitical worms and authoritarian grifters.
      dumber "then" a bag of fertilizer....
      only with less charm "then" one, with a much more careless education "then" one, lazier, more useless "then" one. and with far less nose appeal.
      "then" one.

      you dummy.

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