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  • pleasing_sparrow_doggie_style pleasing_sparrow_doggie_style Mar 2, 2000 12:09 PM Flag


    Hes gonna remove me from the internet!

    im sooooooooo scared boohoooo!!!!!!

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    • a certain deranged poster who imagined the sockpuppet id "pleasing_sparrow_doggie_style" was clever in the year 2000 is still around, and still making its "clever" handles.

      why? it's deranged.

      and it's a progressive derangement, with no known cure. obviously.

    • ...very well said my man! By the way who is Kaplan.

    • ... the bird droppings anymore. Your last post tempted me to look at the latest "offering." If you really want to be frightened, think of this -- people like this can vote.

    • All I can say is, wow.

      ZC, thanks for the BOE date. I think I want to buy soon before then. What do you think.

    • If the trend of selling gold has stopped (it
      has), and people are well off due to income or the
      stock market, gold has *ONLY* one direction left to go:

      Sure, the internet will take some
      middleman costs out of pricing in the general consumer
      market, but gold has had all its fat trimmed. Commodities
      are a limiting factor no matter the productivity
      increases in the service sector. Just look at
      semiconductors or oil. Limited commodities in a booming economy

      We've already changed one side of the equation, namely
      the gold supply on the market. That alone would
      increase gold prices if demand merely remained static.
      Demand will be rising at an accelerating pace if the
      economies keep zooming along. The wealth effect helps us in
      this scenario.

      Alternatively, we would also win
      if there were dramatic economic uncertainty, with a
      flight to ultra-safe and undervalued assets.

      There comes a time when you've been down so long and so
      far that there's no place left but up. The
      risk/reward is best in our sector because of this. People are
      starting to recognize this as can be seen by the multitude
      of financial articles, changes in producer hedging,
      analyst calls, central bank policy changes,

      The gold market is a supertanker reversing course. It
      takes some time, but once reversed, it's a powerful
      force to be reckoned with.

      Buy gold stocks and
      sleep well.

      He who has the gold

      Got Gold?

    • Every sector needs at least one honest

      I never said I was NOT Chickiepoo.

      We all
      know what that name means, don't we? And why I now use
      a little bird's name?

      It came out of my
      horrendous board experience in another sector last year. My
      evil pursuers called me "Chicken," and even posted
      full-color cartoons of a slaughtered chicken dripping
      beautiful red blood.

      Since I am petite, I decided to
      take on the alias of a daintier bird.

      I revert
      to Chickiepoo when I want to get a warning across.

    • Jobs report was released this morning. It looks
      like the Fed is keeping the economy under

      The recent interest rate hikes appear to be having an
      affect on the economy: Controlled growth without rapid

      Housing, factory orders, consumer sentiment are all
      starting to slow. Oil may also come under downward

      The Internet will help to keep inflation under

      It's no use fighting the tape. I'm out of Newmont

    • Thank you so very much for posting that.

      was going to reword it for NEM and HM, and now I
      don't have to.

      Freddy, Phage, Others: I respect
      your views, but I disagree strongly that it is the
      bullion banks which are calling the shots.

      (And of
      course you realize that the South Africans have taken
      over two faltering London bullion banks in recent

      Cabal, schmabal. Give me the CARTEL.

      The big
      producers have become - thankfully - much more assertive
      since last summer. In many ways, they have the
      remaining shorts under their thumb.

      All moves down
      in POG are SANCTIONED moves down.

      Ashanti is
      still a mess, and it has to get completely straightened
      out. It is NOT in the sector's best interests if
      Ashanti blows up.

      The producer community cares
      much less, IMO, about the remaining errant
      Australians, who continue to be bought out, anyway. But
      whenever POG falters, they quietly get out of more and
      more hedges, whatever they are publically saying. It's
      camouflage, pure and simple.

      Barrick is teflon-coated
      and has superb assets. I agree with Kaplan that it is
      a good buy now, even though I have no intention of
      buying any.

      Remember that the next group of
      "iffy" Barrick hedges is at 319. They are probably
      getting out of as much of that position as they possibly

      I still think Barrick will be "granted" Geita in
      exchange for their limited but valuable PR concession last
      month. For Barrick, being Barrick, it was a DRAMATIC
      concession. Anyone who doesn't think so has not analyzed the
      situation correctly.

      The antigold propaganda push
      has been especially nasty this week. Today, yet
      another silly BOE story and an equally silly Canada

      All this is also "sanctioned," clearly. But the
      "seesaw," as Freddy so eloquently puts it, has probably
      gone too far into negative territory. Possibly a new
      barrage of PRO-gold propaganda - Asian buying BOOMING,
      poor noble African miners - once more, starting this

    • pleasing_sparrow_doggie_style pleasing_sparrow_doggie_style Mar 3, 2000 11:03 AM Flag

      From the original IR propaganda director hisself
      What an absolute riot can this get any funnier? How
      much more embarrasing can this

    • And I hope the SEC, which I am sure is monitoring
      any board I post on, after the disgraceful way I was
      treated last year, takes action, too.

      The cooler
      heads among you are to rein in the idiot fringe NOW.
      They are to be CONTROLLED, or the control will come
      from outside.

      You know very well that I have
      the potential upper hand here. I have names, phone
      numbers, addresses, and a 1500-item correspondence which,
      among other things talks about the various analysts -
      naming names - whom you profess to control and

      It is VERY easy to trace the interlocking ownership
      of various pseudostochastic sites, alert sites,
      newsletter sites, and other means of manipulation in your
      little network.

      Actually, I'm sure the
      authorities have been working on building cases for some

      I have been content to be a stealth worker for the
      good of all shareholders.

      But if necessary, I
      WILL come forward. I will allow my situation last year
      to be used in a test case. I will start talking to
      the media. I will start cooperating with authorities

      I don't think you NEED me or WANT me as an active

      So convene your little council and discuss this

      I will never be affected by you financially -
      never, ever again. I know how you operate and can
      actually use the information you provide by your
      destabilization efforts. I only buy low, and you literally CANNOT
      shake me out of a position ever again.

      But there
      are more innocent shareholders out there every day,
      coming in from outside the US, too. They don't know
      about tree-shaking. They don't know about blatant
      disinformation and propaganda campaigns. They don't know about
      BOO! posts. They don't know about silly, puerile
      "short ploys."

      They deserve to be protected.
      Either YOU help protect them, or you are looking at a
      vast amount of future regulation.

      I would rein
      in "The Big Ad" - i.e. Double Click - too. Nearly
      everybody is aware of what you are up to there.

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