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  • crikey123 crikey123 Apr 15, 2001 7:55 PM Flag

    Spy Planes

    Question for US patriots, and government.

    How would you feel if the Chinese operated spy planes 13 miles off the coast of California?

    Think carefully about this before answering.

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    • Crikey 123: The thing you need to understand mister is that you give those buggers an inch and they'll take a mile. All such people recognize is STRENGTH, period. The sooner some of you liberal-commies understand this fact the better off America is going to be...

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      • Sorry but it has nothing to do with shows of strength and power as you say, i have to agree with sparrows we need to develop economic beneficial interest with china since they are set to be a global giant economically and probably militarily. they will help the gold situation and more so the short term angry rhetoric sounds nice but looking towards the longer term like sparrows we should actually embrace them for our own interest are at stake. good luck

    • They've taken over Long Beach, you fucking asshole. There's 48,000 of the little pricks in our universities. They just said they're OFFENDED by our rhetoric. FUCK EM. Read the account of how close our 24 came to buying it. Our plane did a 130 degree snap roll after it was hit by that LITTLE YELLOW PRICK. The nose radome was knocked off, along with all the instruments. They had air rushing into the cockpit at 200 mph as they wrestled for control of the plane. That pilot is a hero, a combat veteran of the war the Communist Chinese have started.

    • Not as bad as I feel since they are and have been operating a spy network inside the United States for decades now. Remember Bill Clinton? Biggest baddest chinese spy they have. Dont you read the papers?

    • Dear Crikey:

      First of all you are no doubt ignorant. If China has the ability to fly in international waters, so be it! However, ramming a plane is totally unreasonable. I am sure you have never done any buisness in Vhina. I HAVE. I will tell you this, the lie is the major way Chinese negotiate. They are incapable of telling the truth. You really oughta move to some commie country and take Diane Feinstein and Bubba and jesse jackson with you. There is my answer, fool!

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