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  • south_sea_bubbles south_sea_bubbles Apr 16, 2001 6:46 PM Flag

    Today, last Thurs +Wed are proof...

    that the USD's strength is an illusion

    two out of three days the POG/XAU went up in the face of a "rising" dollar

    NOW PAY ATTENTION...this is what I see

    the dollar is rising in RELATION to other currencies, but in effect it is actually FALLING..HOW?...all the other currencies are so weak that selling them and buying the USD is Modus Operandi #1, in other words, its just what youre supposed to do...its not that the USD is that great but that the others are so bad.....and the fact that the USD is being "bought" and the POG is rising IN THE FACE of that fact indicates a serious dislocation from former standard operating procedure...the POG is rising with the dollar because you have two groups of currency speculators betting on which is going to be a safer "currency"

    what is going to happen to the dollar is IRRELEVANT because in the end it just doesnt matter...what matters is WHAT is going to be percieved as "currency"

    put it on your calendar...the last few days in the Gold market have marked a sea-change where in the new definiton of currency began

    the POG will rally with or without the effects of the USD...reality is once again returning and those who recognize it will be handily rewarded

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    • Gold to rally with dollar.

      The strenght is just beginning to be seen, but soon contract highs will ring in more buying.
      And Gold bugs to be as confused as ever on what is going on.

      Gold bugs being right for the wrong reasons.
      NO INFLATION, actually deflation and
      RISING Dollar to bring in this up leg in GOLD.

      South Sea sounds like sparrow. The dollar price is an illusion and it is not real. Ha, ha, ha,...

    • I agree totally with you south sea, very good is the time not to be short or on the sidelines, but to have positions in some physical. It's now just a matter of time..i think grandpawillie selling that last batch of 800 coins was the signal!

    • South Sea.....Well said. I think you are right on track. We have most central govt's weakening their own currencies. t is amazing to watch. They are , in my opinion, doing this to help their own exports. However, it looks as though it is a house of cards, ready to tumble. USD will be the last of the currencies to crash (again imho). At anyrate, good post and well thought out!

      PS: Watch those govt. scramble to buy baack their gold when the shoe drops...

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