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  • pjdaustin pjdaustin Jun 13, 2011 10:13 PM Flag

    Management Cares Very Little About Shareholders

    based upon investing with Jim Bob and his companies starting with Freeport Sulpher in 1969. JB has made his shareholders very happy over the long run. I was not referring to McMOran Oil and UD success only KB. The UD play may not even pan out, but if you have invested with JB across the boards he has made investors a ton of $ over the years. Yes, I feel the MMR frustration, but I strongly disagree that management does not care about SH's.

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    • MMR seems to care about making this a $100 stock or nothing. This is the same reason I invested in them. I did not buy MMR to hope that it not drop a couple dollars here and there between quarters and crash down at times with other O&G companies. I'm in this for the high upside. If you got into this stock hoping to make 10% by a certain date, that was probably not the smartest move. Just saying. Let the team spend their time getting the UD figured out, not making "once a month statements". Really?...what would the point of once a month meetings when that same person would just whine about not getting them once a week?