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  • pjdaustin pjdaustin Mar 7, 2012 12:18 AM Flag

    DJ-1 is really ripe for reporting

    Am I missing something with DJ# 1 ??? Assuming no well completion issues won't production still be constrained by the narrow casing etc... ? Aren't DJ#2 et. al. wells far more important in the grand scheme of things not to mention Chevron's onshore well ? I know I am taking things for granted with the completion of DJ#1, but assuming all is well, aren't the other wells WAY more important ? I await Chevron's well results, but I know I am on a need to know basis and I will be the near last to know :(

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    • DJ1 is a prove-it-works well.

      Basically, if DJ1 with 4" top flows 50MCF/D then DJ2 with a 30" top should flow proportionally more

      Remember Pi x radius square? (30 x 30)Pi vs (4 x 4)Pi
      DJ2/DJ1 = 900/16 or about 56 times as large

      rough calculation... 2800MCF/D

      Yeah, I know that's about as accurate a calculation as predicting lottery numbers by counting stray cats at the landfill, but you get the idea. DJ1 first then DJ2 and so on.

      And remember, the BOP that was custom designed for MMR touse for DJ1 and gets reused for DJ2 and again and again. Plus the log data from each of the wells has taught more about the UD than was ever expected. This is writing a whole new series of books on geology.

      Hmmm, I wonder if JB has thought about the residuals from all those new text books?

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      • I thought the 4 inch pipe was a pipe with a 4 inch diameter rather than a 4 inch radius.

        From Joan Lappin's piece of mid January she seems to back this idea up:
        Your Fist Is Wider Than The Wellbore at Davy Jones 1
        + Comment now

        A 4 Inch Fist

        If you want to grasp the challenge of recovering a broken tool near the bottom of McMoRan and Energy XXI’s Davy Jones Gulf of Mexico Shallow Water Ultra Deep well just look at the photo of a typical fist. This one happens to be mine and it measures 4 inches across as you can see on the tape measure.

    • My opinion:
      DJ1= lets us know if there is something to the SUD theory
      DJ2= lets us know if there is good money to be made in the SUD theory