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  • jondow69 Dec 5, 2012 10:08 AM Flag

    11/26 mmr=$12.49, 11/27MMR=$7.25, 6 days later MMR =$14.94? JPM says 2 days ago MMR=zero?

    wall st. inside info,algo's, what a scam, who knew what and when? this IMO was scripted,just like a movie? they put a deal worth $8 billion together in a few days? how did they get financing if JPM says MMR is worth zero? hey if you bought at 8$ great, what about the poor slobs that got stopped out at 12-14-11-10$??????? they transferred there wealth to a few wall st. rip off operators!. why rob a bank, send your kids to the wall st finishing school! jmo and g/l.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell